VSP Project

Jonas Salcedo's Principles/Standards

My Mission statement

I am at my best when I enjoy what I am doing and am passionate about the results.
I will try to prevent times when I have to do something I do not have any interest in doing at the time I am doing it..
I will enjoy my work by finding employment where I can I love to learn about things that could help me in life. .
I will find enjoyment in my personal life through I love to ride my bicycle and play video games. I also spend a lot of time on the computer..
I will find opportunities to use my natural talents and gifts such as Dancing, storyline development, art, computer programming..
I can do anything I set my mind to. I will I would build a bicycle plane and I would travel across the world. I would also program computers and make video games..
My life's journey is I imagine reforming society to be in my image. I would fight for more freedom to make things right..
I will be a person who Stood up for what he believed, a person who was involved a lot of different fields, a person who loved his family and his friend, a person who helped people when he saw they were in need. .
My most important future contribution to others will be I will have changed the way we think and the way we view computer programming. I will also pay a lot of contribution to peoples mindset and organization..

I will stop procrastinating and start working on:
  • I feel as though I should be helping victims of natural disaster and people who are in tight situations around the world.
  • I feel I should help my family more often.
  • I feel as though I should have more self control when I express my anger toward other people.

I will strive to incorporate the following attributes into my life:
  • He gave me a lot of important advice that I can apply in life and inspired me to do great things.
  • She gave me a lot of useful and important advice that I feel will help me to be more social with people in the future. She also gave me a lot of unwritten social conduct and rules that no person before has taught me
  • She gave me a lot of important advice and she was very interesting to talk to.

I will constantly renew myself by focusing on the four dimensions of my life:
  • Lifting weights, running, riding my bicycle, push ups.
  • Practicing a religion, praying, writing a song .
  • Read books, practice programming, study hard in school
  • Hanging out with friends, talking with people, inviting people over.


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Public service

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Core Values

The following images above are my core values, the things I spend the most time on or think I should be spending more time on. My family, in my opinion, is an essential aspect to life. A family is a group of people who care about you and are typically related to one another. I also value friends a lot. They provide me with help and support whenever I need it. Aside from that, they also can do a lot of fun things with me such as go to a school club with me, play xbox with me, go outside and play, etc. I also think that public service is an important part,of life, but I honestly hardly spend any time on this one. I think it is important that people help people aside from people they know, that are in need. One example is the victims from the hurricane in the Philippines. All these things I find to be very important aspects to life and I feel that without all of these things, the world would be virtually uninhabitable.


1. Stay Strong

I will do all that is in my power to be courageous and enduring, no matter what life throws at me. I know well that if I cannot fallow this step, I likely cannot complete the next 5 tasks to my fullest.

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2. Learn to love people

I will do all that is in my power to form bonds with people and care about them, no matter what their needs are. This step motivates me to do things that help other people and to really make an impression upon the world.
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3.Sympathize With People

I will do everything that I can to know how people feel. I must learn to understand people and understand what they are going through. This skill is a crucial component to the next task at hand.

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4. Have empathy For People

I will do everything I can to step into the shoes of people and try to understand how they feel to my fullest. If I can do this skill, than I have a good, rock solid foundation to build my social house on in a sense. People want to be around a man who feels what they feel.

5. Be Honest

I will do my absolute best to be honest and open up to others so that my voices might be heard, to both my friends and to myself.Honesty will get you a lot in life. It will help people to love you more, feel more trustworthy of you, and if you are honest to yourself, you will know your goals in life better and you will chase after those goals.

6. Help Other People

I will do everything I can to help my friends and even people I don't even know. Once I have mastered all the steps above, than I can start helping other people. I can do this by offering my hand more to my friends and family and giving money to charities. I can even do hands on work such as working with children from abused homes.