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May 4-May 8

Thank you Arrowhead Staff!

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Dear Arrowhead Staff,

This spring, you've faced unprecedented challenges, and you've risen to them with grace, care, and excellence. Your dedication has kept children safe, engaged, and, most importantly, in community. We see you, and we thank you. No words can truly capture how thankful I am for all of the hard work you do in supporting our students, staff, and community. You are amazing teachers and caring people. Thank you for making Arrowhead such a special school and community!

Thank you for everything!

Dr. Roberts

Teachers deserve our praise!

Click on the button above for an article on how teachers deserve praise during this pandemic.

Helping those in need

Methacton and Arrowhead have been working to collect items while helping our local families in need. Nurse Kelly is pictured gathering supplies. Thank you to Arrowhead and the Methacton Community for all of your kindness, care, and generosity during this unprecedented time.

Kindergarten has stayed connected with Mrs. Fischer

Our kindergarten students are staying connected with Mrs. Fischer while they are learning from home. As you can see, students and Mrs. Fischer are having fun, learning, and going on exciting adventures! Keep up the great work, kids! Take good care of Mrs. Fischer, too!

At home Art Projects

At Home Art Projects

Information presented to the Methacton School Board about full day kindergarten

On Monday, April 27, the Methacton School Board of Directors heard a presentation pertaining to full day kindergarten which is being considered for the 2022-2023 school year. You can see the presentation here:

The Board is accepting questions or comments through May 31, 2020 in regards to full day kindergarten. Please email to
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Virtual Field Day Message from the Methacton Physical Education teachers

Dear Methacton Elementary Families,

Field Day is an important tradition at our schools. It is a significant day for our students and our staff, and we feel that in these incredibly challenging times this event is a way to continue the tradition and have fun at home!

We’re excited to share our plan for a Virtual Field Day for our Methacton Elementary Schools. During the weeks of May 18th and May 25th, students (and their families) will have the opportunity to participate in Field Day. These events will be posted in Google Classroom under the Physical Education assignment tab (no other physical education lessons will be posted these weeks).

Our Virtual Field Day events are designed to be done indoors or outdoors using common household items. You won’t be asked to purchase any specialized equipment or supplies. Eight events will be listed. Please choose at least six events but if your child would like to do more that would be awesome! These events can take place anytime over the two week period.

Here’s how it will work:

Items needed:

10 Large Socks (to create sock balls)

1 Laundry Basket (or bucket)

Oversized T-Shirt, Shorts, and a Hat

Clock or Stopwatch

3 Balloons

1 Kitchen Spatula

1 Plastic Container Lid

3 to 6 Sheets of Paper (for making airplanes)

1 Medium-sized Bucket

1 Plastic (Tupperware) Container

1 Sneaker

Event cards/slides and scoresheet will be posted in your child’s physical education google classroom on: May 18th.

Your child will be asked to choose a minimum of 6 events. However, he/she may complete as many events as they would like to.

More information will be coming to share your field day fun!!

We appreciate your cooperation and are hopeful that your entire family will use it as a fun and meaningful way to be physically active together and with our entire school community.

Stay well,

Your Methacton Elementary Physical Education Staff

Click on the link for the parent letter:

See word document parent letter below:

Kindergarten registration Update:

Please click on the link below which will take you to the district's site for Kindergarten Registration.

Optional learning opportunities for families

Dear Arrowhead families,

Below is a list of various learning opportunities:

  • Every morning at 11:30 a.m., Eastern time, the Cape May County Zoo offers its Facebook Live audience a tour through a different part of the zoo, spotlighting particular animals.
  • The Philadelphia Zoo offers the same online experience with its animals every day at 2 p.m., Eastern time.
  • The Free Library of Philadelphia offers some of its programs online. Most quickly coming online are daily storytimes for young children, where library staff read and show picture books on camera.
  • Settlement Music School in Philadelphia is offering morning music sessions for young children every Tuesday and Thursday at 10:30 a.m., Eastern time. “Settlement Kids: Live” is a Facebook Live session twice a week that anybody can log into; there is no registration, and no musical background is required. Instructors take youngsters through games involving sound and movement.
  • National Constitution Center offers on-demand online resources for remote learners of all ages.
  • The Franklin Institute also has several online learning modules.

Message from Mrs. Cohen, Arrowhead School Counselor

How you look at any situation is how it ends up being. Something can be the best of times or the worst of times! A game that I have regularly played with children is the “high / low game”. It is where you talk about feelings in terms of the best and worst, and often the same event can be both. This can be a fun family game to play at dinnertime. Please share this short video with your children as you meet some of my counselor friends and we share how to play the game.

I’m available for questions, comments or concerns at

-Kelly Cohen, School Counselor

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Google Classroom and virtual learning

Google Classrooms and virtual learning are up and running for our students. As a reminder, we wanted to share the following communication from the district

1. Please click on the link for information about Methacton's Virtual Learning Environment:

Here is a link to frequently asked questions: FAQ page

2. Please find the Methacton School District Remote Learning Guide that summarizes the planned instructional program.

Arrowhead teachers are continuing to meet virtually to plan engaging instruction. I am also available by email if you have a question or need, so please do not hesitate to reach out

Google classroom attendance reminders:

As a general reminder, students are required to login using MyMSD and then their respective google classrooms on a daily basis during scheduled school days. Student attendance login is required by 12 noon daily.

Click here for student attendance login directions.

Student attendance directions can also be found below:

Special Area Google Classroom information

Dear Arrowhead families,

Below is a listing of the Special Area (Art, Library, Music, and Physical Education) codes for the grade levels K-4. Please use these codes to access educational activities as provided by our special area teachers.

Kindergarten Arrowhead Special Area Classes - pgi7wpu

1st Grade Arrowhead Special Area Classes - wxyyxsu

2nd Grade Arrowhead Special Area Classes - 3ssegtn

3rd Grade Arrowhead Special Area Classes - esm4q4l

4th Grade Arrowhead Special Area Classes - ywepl5w

Pass/Fail Communication

Arrowhead families,

See the PDF attachment below with information and communication regarding pass/fail for the 4th marking period.

Parents Guide to chrome extensions

Please read the attached document as this information may assist you with some technology issues your child or children may be experiencing using chrome books at home.

Message from nurse Kelly and MSD nursing hours information

Nursing hours update: Please click on the link below for school nursing office hours: Nursing Office Hour 4-14-20 revised.pdf. It is also attached as a PDF document. We are here to help support you in any way that we can.

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Educational Resource


Educere is a resource that will remain available to our students in grades 1-4 throughout the online learning experience, but teachers are not the correct contact if you have questions. If you have questions about Educere please email:

Arrowhead Elementary School

Be the encourage, to inspire, to empower!

Take care and stay safe! -Dr. Roberts