Welcome to Pioneer's Open House!

Emily G. Kim

Earthquakes PBL

Deiving question- How can we, as structual engineers, construct a two story house in CA for Tony Stark that will withstand seismic activity?

The PBL Project was about learning to design, build, and cooperate as teams. The goal was to make a house for Tony Stark that would withstand earthquakes and other seismic activity. We were given teams that were also our table groups, and were provided labs to also help our understanding of seismic activity. In the end, the goal was to make a house that could withstand seismic activity.

Our team's design was to use pillars to support the and to line up 4 planks of wood for the walls. For the roof, we cut up the extra pillars and then lay them out for the roof and used fasteners to fasten them together. We tied wire to seperate the 1st and 2nd floors.

I learned about the cause and effect of earthquakes. I also learned how to be safe during an earthquake, how to work together as a team, how to use materials wisely and be creative, and how to be prepared for coming earthquakes.

Earthquakes PBL

In the 30 Hands Project, I learned the most about the different greenhouse gases. It was really interesting because I already knew that carbon dioxide was a major greenhouse gas, and I already knew most of the other gases, but I had never gotten to get a better understanding on how they were produced. I also read different articles about methane and I learned how methane enigma is produced by domesticated animals.

What I really enjoyed beside learning about the gases was getting to make the slides and record. Once I had finished recording (and figuring out how to use 30 Hands), I felt this sense of accomplishment. Making the slides was fun because I got to import pictures into Pic Collage and I got to arrange them and change the backround colors. Labeling the pictures and putting notes was fun, but I went a little overboard. Yet, it was an educational experience I will probably never forget.

Invention Convention

The enviormental problem my invention solves is global warming, or more specifically, finding and eco-friendly energy source. The invention prevents global warming because it uses wind as an energy source rather than gas producing fossil fuels. Fossil fuels release carbon that causes global warming. Because there are no fossil fuels in the invention, the atmosphere is not being damaged. Sources- nrdc.org and livescience.com

The wall has fans sticking out of it that are attached to strings. Those strings are tied to washers which, because they are being pulled down, causes the fans to move. The wind moves fabric that creates static electricity that powers the generator. The batteries (generator) send electricity out to houses while also storing some of that energy in case of emergencies. By doing this, the invention is completely gas free and is also cheap because it is made of reusable materials. Fossil fuels won't be needed with The Redmill.