Seventh Grade Newsletter

December 7, 2014

Dear Parents,

Here's what's going on at school this week.


We are continuing our work on spelling this week so that students are well prepared for the spelling bee. The class bee is scheduled for Thursday, December 18. Our grammar focus this week will be on complex sentences. Be sure to ask your students what AAAWUBIS is later this week!

Social Studies

Don't forget to check Edmodo for the weekly homework assignment.


This week, students will begin the last portion of Unit 2. The main concept that students will be working on this week is inequalities. They will finish the week with the Unit 2 review. The Unit 2 summative assessment is scheduled for Monday, December 15th.


This week, students will be finishing up their work with midpoints (Monday & Tuesday). On Wednesday, Students will be reviewing for their Unit 3 Summative Assessment. Right now, the summative assessment is scheduled for Thursday. Depending how the beginning of the week goes, we might keep the Summative on Thursday or move it to Friday to give them an extra day to study for it.


Students worked on the "Science of Thanksgiving" for two days this week as we start Chemistry. Many students brought in their own experiments and demonstrations to share with the class. I was proud to see the excitement and enthusiasm with which they created and shared their information. Now that we have finished our Waves and Energy Unit we are on to Chemistry. As we dive into chemistry we will do a few demonstrations/experiments that revolve around Christmas, the holidays and winter. One experiment involves making our own ornaments by lining the inside of a glass bulb with real silver metal. This is how they used to make mirrors... which were quite expensive to purchase. We will use the same chemical process to make our own ornaments. If your student would like to make, decorate, and take home their own ornament they can bring in $5. Many students have already signed up. I will send a note home next week as a reminder. Have a great week!


Monday: Basketball at Boyne City

Wednesday: Basketball home vs. Harbor Springs

Friday: Basketball at East Jordan

Holiday Dance

A "dress-up" dance is planned for Thursday, December 18, 6-8 PM at the former middle school building. We will have more information for you next week.

Thank you!

As always, please let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions.