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It's a disease which plaque builds up inside your arteries.

Symptoms and Side Effects

-Pain in the chest

-Erectial disfunction

-Heart Attack (Transient ischemic Attacks)

-Mini Strokes

-Poor wound healing

-Shortness of breath




The Best


If you live a healthy life style and make the right food choice (such as an apple a day, keeps the doctors away) atherosclerosis wont pose a huge threat your life.
What is Atherosclerosis?


-Blood Tests : Check the levels on certain fats like sugar,cholesterol. and protein.

-EKG (Electrocardiogram) :Detects and records the hearts electrical activities and can also records the strength and timing of electrical signals as they pass the heart.

-Chest X Ray

-Echocardiography : uses sounds waves to create a picture of the heart.

-Computed Tomography Scan