Grades 3-5

Welcome back!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving break, and that you were all able to relax and visit with friends and family over the holiday. I definitely enjoyed my time off, and spent most of it doing my favorite things - I spent lots of quality family time, watched football, shopped a bit, and even had time to read an entire novel!!!

I also took the opportunity to reflect on the many things that I am grateful for, and want you all to know that I feel very lucky and thankful to be a part of your lives. I love getting to work with your children every day, and it is so exciting to see them learn and grow throughout the year. And I especially love that I have the opportunity to work with many of them for several years - that is so amazing! I feel very blessed to be a part of this fabulous journey!!!



Our third graders are having so much fun learning how to multiply larger numbers (1 digit by up to 4 digits, and 2 digits by 2 digits) using a variety of methods. Learning more than one way to set up and solve problems can help support students' foundational understanding, as well as give them flexibility and choice. We have practiced both the lattice method and partial products method so far. Ask your third grader for a demonstration! Students will be introduced to the standard multiplication algorithm, as well.

Fourth graders are thinking algebraically as they complete input / output tables, determine rules, look for patterns, and write algebraic expressions. We will also explore generating and graphing ordered pairs, and representing real- world data on a coordinate plane.

Fifth grade students are deep into our unit on ratios, rates, and proportions. Before the break, students completed a short project using order of operations and ratios to create turkey glyphs. They loved that this project allowed them to have fun, and be a little silly and creative while still applying recently learned math concepts. At this time, we are concentrating on real- world applications of this concept as we "shop" to find products, determine the unit price, and decide how to find the best bargain.

All math students will take the Math CBA on December 11.

ISP 3rd and 4th

It's almost time for our BCE Showcase! Mrs. Schoener and I are very aware of how hard students have worked to complete their projects, and we know that all of this hard work will pay off as students display their products and share what what they've learned next week!

Third grade projects should be completed and brought to school on Thursday, December 4. Students will also have a chance to share their learning and practice their presentations in front of their TAG classmates that day. We will also meet on Monday, December 8 at our usual ISP time so students can have one more opportunity to take care of any loose ends.

Because we have an early release this Wednesday, fourth graders will meet on Friday, December 5 for ISP. They should bring their completed projects at that time, and will have an opportunity to practice and share information with their TAG classmates as well.

Our BCE Showcase will be held on December 10 from 1:45 - 2:30 in the TAG Portable.

Our students' homeroom classes have been invited to view the projects, and we would also LOVE for parents to stop by any time between 2:00 and 2:30 if you have a chance!

Have a wonderful week!!!