Menu for the best skin of your life

A 24-Hour Drink Menu for the Prettiest Skin of Your Life

You Are What You Sip

Writer Lauren Valenti consulted her dermatologist in hopes to have the best skin of her life. On top of slathering on all creams, moisturizers, and facial scrubs, Lauren was still frustrated with the way her skin looked. She dedicated her efforts to finding out what she could drink to better the appearance of her skin. After extensive research, she compiled a 24-hour drink menu that can make your skin glow with health. For breakfast Lauren recommends that you consume a green juice that contains kale considering that kale contains vital nutrients such as Vitamins A and K, retinol, and collagen. Also for breakfast, it is recommended that we consume one latte with soy milk. The soy milk prevents skin discoloration and further provides the body with collagen to reinforce the structure of the skin. In the afternoon, Lauren recommends that we consume two cups of green tea. Green tea contains powerful antioxidants such as catechins and polyphenols that can prevent sunburns. Pomegranate juice should be drank in the evening because it provides twice the amount of antioxidants that green tea does. Pomegranate juice also has a high source of collagen which prevents wrinkles. As a before bed beverage, cucumber-infused water is a great option. Cucumbers are almost 80% water so they provide the skin with the hydration it needs as well as magnesium and potassium. Along with these specific drinks, eight glasses of water throughout the day is a must. Water makes the skin look plump and aids in skin turgor as well. Overall, this combination of drinks should keep your skin hydrated and glowing.

Why Not Cosmo?

Author Lauren Valenti works as an associate web editor at Marie Claire, another popular website and magazine among young adults. Valenti interviewed her dermatologist, Rachel Nazarian, M.D for reliable information regarding what drinks can improve the looks of your skin. Nazarian works at Schweiger Dermatology Group and is praised for her excellence in dermatology. Although Doctor Nazarian is valued as a reliable source, the entire article is not. Considering the article is a public source and is used for popularity rather than education, it is considered unreliable. Although this article was rather interesting and had some good information, it was desperately unreliable. I pulled this article from Cosmo has been a powerful blog and magazine source for centuries and targets young women as their most loyal audience. Cosmo flaunts new and "cutting-edge" diets, sex tips, fashion trends, etc to draw the attention and wallets of many readers. This source is unreliable for a number of ways. One example would be that it is a .com website rather than a .edu or .gov. On top of that, the author of this article expressed no credentials. Furthermore, there is no publication or editor information available on the webpage either, further implying its unreliability. Cosmo magazine focuses more on gossip, rumors, and in this case, unrealistic diets, rather than the facts themselves. Because Cosmo is considered a powerhouse magazine, they will advertise anything to get a reader’s attention and encourage them to spend their money on new fashion trends and expensive diets that can only be found on

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