By Bazza

Another place to call home

the moon is a habitable rock that with a little work could be cozy
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Supplying the Supplies

Food: fruits/veggies have a separate building with LED lights w/ windows to provide sunlight when available.

Exercise: Every day the inhabitants have to exercise 3 hours a day on one of the top floors of the space house.

Animals: A large dome with a grassy ground lets cows and sheep to let them flock and supply meat

Feaces/urine:urine would be filtered back into water but feces would be shot far into the sun.

Sleeping: Beds would be contained at the bottom of the house and would contain 3 beds.

Electricity: some electricity would be created from the urine filter and the rest would be created by moving solar panels that follow the sun.

Hygiene: Pods located around rural areas where you step in and door closes then water is released and they wash themselves like normal.

Oxygen: within the animal domes will contain apple and eucalyptus trees.

Small features

  • some animal feces is applied to the plants