Global warming and human migration

how are these two global issues linked?

What are these?

Global warming is when the overall temperature of the atmosphere rises because of greenhouse gases. Human migration is when people move to different lands because of a problem. Now how are these related?

Ways they are related:

1. The heat may be so unbearable in some places people will be forced to move somewhere cooler so they don't die of heat.

2. The heat may cause natural disasters, such as tornadoes, hurricanes, or floods. People might have to migrate to a place that doesn't have as many natural disasters.

3. The heat may cause crops to wither and die. People like farmers may have to migrate in search of food and good planting land.

4. If the heat warms up cold places and opens up more land for farming, this may cause more people to move there for a place to farm.

5. If people did migrate, they may use their car. Which, of course, the carbon monoxide is a greenhouse gas, which will add to global warming.

What we are doing to prevent these: