Where I Stand

Tiffany Lam


My parents or other Markham residents may have some concerns regarding education in Ontario. The main concerns are in older schools across the province. One concern may be about the materials, supplies and equipment used. Many older schools have older things, such as desks or textbooks, that the students are still required to use. These things could also be dangerous to the student, since they are old and breaking down, especially things such as gym equipment, or equipment in the school work out/weight room. For example, if a student is sitting on a chair that is old and breaking down, it may break one day and the student could get injured. As for the textbooks, not only would they be old and written all over in, but they could also be outdated, and the students would still be using them and learning things that might not even apply to them anymore. This would be most concerning in a weight room, because if a student is using a machine that's old and not working as well, it could also just break one day while they are using it, which could cause a major injury that could possibly send them to the hospital. Asides from old equipment, these older schools also have to worry about the actual building itself, such as paint chipping off the walls, wall insulation wearing down, heaters/air conditioners breaking down, etc. Lastly, older schools are smaller and usually only have one floor. As time goes on, however, the population of an area will keep on growing, and more and more people will attend the school, and the school will be too small for everyone, so they would have to build more schools in that area.

Health Care

Many residents of Markham, including myself, and any nearby towns, have the following concerns about health care specifically in this area, but this is also a concern to other people living across Ontario. Whenever people get sick nowadays, they avoid going to the doctor's office. Why? Well one main reason is because you usually have to wait for a very very long time in the waiting room. If you are lucky, you could have made an appointment, but that's another concern- it's impossible to make appointments anymore because the doctor is usually booked for months, so you'd have to make the appointment weeks ahead of time, which is not possible for many people because you never know when you will get sick. Even if appointments are made, you usually have to end up waiting for a while anyway. This is a growing problem, because more and more babies are being born everyday, meaning more people will need doctors, and there are not enough doctors out there, especially family doctors and pediatricians for babies/toddlers. Babies tend to get sick easier and are weaker, so parents cannot wait too long before going to see the doctor, and babies will cry and be very unhappy when they are not feeling well. Because of this, many people are forced to go to walk-in clinics, where the waiting time is just as long or possibly longer, since no appointments are made.


There are a few concerns regarding public transportation that I, as a resident in the province of Ontario, have. One of these concerns is that there are not enough bus stops. Personally, if I ever take the YRT home, not only do I have to get off at a stop that's about a 10 min. walk away from where my house actually is, but the actual bus stop I go to is also about a 6 min. walk away from the school. However, if there were more bus stops, I would not have to walk for as long to the bus stop, and afterwards from the bus stop to my house, and I'm sure many others have this problem as well. Also, because there are not enough bus stops, or buses take too long to come after another one leaves, many people, especially working adults, drive their own cars to work, each with only 1 person in them, which causes lots of pollution. Because many people drive cars instead of taking the bus, there are too many cars on the road, resulting in traffic jams, especially during rush hour. More buses are needed so that they come more often, and more people can take the bus instead of driving their cars, and also to prevent jam-packed buses where there are not enough seats and people are standing so close to each other. More bus stops are needed so that people do not need to walk long distances to and from the stops.