Athletic Training

Educational & Professional Requirements

Educational Requirments

  • Bachelors from an accredited professional athletic training education program
  • Must pass a comprehensive test administered by the board of certification
  • Optional: Masters degree

Professional requirements

  • Must renew your certifications
  • Medical skills

Top athleic trianing program schools

Boise State University

Boise State

BSU is located in the capital of Idaho, Boise. 85% of people who apply get into this school. Right now there are 19,992 people attending, 13,573 are full time students and 6,419 are part time.

Going to BSU from an out of state perspective is a little costly. A total cost would be about $26,000 per year. Tuition being about $15,000, dorms/ living would be about $7,000, books costing a little over $1,000 and Fees being around $2,000.

Oregon State University

Oregon State

OSU is located in Corvallis, Oregon. There is a 77% chance of being accepted to this school. Currently there are 26,393 students attending, 21,086 of those are full time, the other 5,307 are part time students.

Going to this in state college would cost around $20,000 per year. Tuition being around $7,000, dorms/ housing being around $10,000, books costing about $2,000 and fees being a little over $1,000.

California Sate University Long Beach

Cal State University Long Beach

CSULB is located in the beautiful Long Beach California. There is only a 34% chance of being accepted. There are 33,416 attending right now, 25,389 of the are full time and the rest are part time students.

As an out of state student it would me about $31,000 per year. Tuition costing around $17,000, dorms/ housing would cost about $11,000, books would cost around $2,000 and fees being a little over $500.