To buy or to rent?

That is the question!

Is buying or renting your best option?

If you are currently renting a property and unsure if now is the best time to take the next step and purchase your dream property, this webinar is right for you.

Half the population in London lives in rented accommodation and, contradicting what many people think, renting is certainly a reasonable option. Although some people have the dream of owning their own home and paying for something that belongs to them, there are others who prefer the freedom and flexibility of renting.

Panel Discussion Webinar: Is buying or renting your best option?

Tuesday, July 30th 2013 at 11am

This is an online event.

Recent research has revealed that the majority of people would choose buying over renting due to current low interest rates, keeping down the cost of borrowing and the monthly mortgage repayments. But what if interest rates were to increase by 1% while rents remain the same? Would renting then become a better option?

The decision will depend on the individual’s personal circumstances, but on this webinar Joel Brookes will moderate a hot debate to give you the key facts to consider when looking to buy or to rent. This will surely help you to decide the best option for you, making sure that you are aware of what it takes to be a property owner.

Joel Brookes

Joel Brookes is a seasoned property investor who has built up a cash flow positive residential property portfolio over the last decade. He has also assisted several hundred offshore investors through the hurdles of the UK property purchasing process. Joel is a recent MBA graduate from Henley Business School and is currently director of Vanet Property Asset Management. In his role at Vanet, Joel overseas the management of 500 London properties on behalf of Landlords based from Basildon to Beijing. Joel has provided strategy consultancy for a variety of firms internationally and has a particular love of the business development process.