Shelby :D

Hello, my name is

Holiday Break!

This year i celebrated Christmas with my boyfriend and his family. It was kind of weird because it was my first Christmas not celebrating with my own family but there was a lot of good food and i took a nice nap afterwards so it was alright. :) Besides that, my break was kind of boring besides hanging out with friends. And then for New years I, went to a party... Yeah, there was a few of those haha.

More about me!

Well, i currently live with my boyfriend and his aunt and her kids and husband. I've recently started talking to my biological mom again and I'm hoping for the best. Hmmm, I love mayday parade! They are definitely my favorite band. When i grow up i would like to either be a nurse or a bartender. I used to participate in debate but not so much anymore. Fun fact? Well no one believes me, but I used to be a cheerleader. OH! And I play League of Legends! Definitely a defining part of me haha.