Japanese Internment Camps

What they didn't want you to know

Sea of barracks

The "sea of barracks" isn't purley metaphorical. It's literal. Barracks were lined up to the horizon, with each imprisoning an innocent Japanese-American family. The families were placed in the camp because they were Japanese or of Japanese decent. They were kept in the camps for months and even years, as they had very little freedom to move as they wanted. They were contained in small houses, called barracks, that were not the most luxourious of living places...
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Making the best of the situation

Although the families were forced to stay at the camps, the were allowed to have some fun. These schoolgirls have found enjoyment in playing a game of volleyball. This is the light side of the camps, the fact that they brought people together.

People had freedoms, and these freedoms contrasted with the harsh nature of the internment camps and the racism against the Japanese. The girls playing volleyball were able to make the best of the terrible situation.

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Now you know

The internment camps werent all bad if you look at the actual people detained in the camp. They were able to have relationships and continue living even though they were placed in a horrible situation. They at least had a bit of fun playing volleyball... even if it was not the best setup!
By Liam Murphy