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Delirium Advance Book Project By: Caroline Stephen


June 6,2021

Portland, Maine

Advice Colomn

Dear The Solver,

I don’t know if I'm imagining things or what is happening is real! But I think my niece is in LOVE! She starting to have trouble focusing on reality, and seems to get really nervous when I try talking to her. These are the symptoms of phase one of Amor Deliria Nervosa, but there have to be another answer. She might be nervous about picking her perfect match in a few days, but that is nothing to be nervous about. If she is in love how can she pick her perfect match while being attracted some random stranger. Please help me, I must find out if she is in love or not before anyone else does. Her whole family is depending on her to pick her right match.

From, The Concerned Aunt 487


Dear The Concerned Aunt 487,

First, you need to calm down and try not to freak out. If your niece is in love and realizes you are on to her, then she might try to run away. Like you said, she may just be nervous about picking her perfect match, but always remember to keep your options open. Because at the same time she could be easily in love with someone. Try to compare her action before and after her evaluation. Is she still eating the same? Has she become more distant from you? Has she been leaving the house a lot lately? These are just a few things to compare. If you find solid proof that she is in love you must call the toll free number below. You don’t want her ending up on the wrong path and disappointing her family. Hope this advice helps.

From, The Solver

***If you fear that you or someone you know may have contracted deliria, please call the emergency line toll-free at 1-800-PREVENT to discuss immediate intake and treatment.”***

Movie Review

In the year of 2021 the president has declared our ability to love is a disease. But lucky the scientist have found a cure to this disease; a procedure that you undergo at the age of 18. Before the procedure you must go through an evaluation to determine the rest of your life. Who you marry, what job you have, where you live, and how many kids you have. For Lena Haloway there is no other way to live. She can't wait for her evaluation and to get her match and just live out the rest of your life. Lena thinks that the rest of her life is going to be a breeze, but that's until she meets Alex Sheathes. At first Lena believes Alex is cured and he can do no harm to her. Then Alex reveles to Lena that he is an invalid from the Wild, and the more time Lena spends with him she starts to fall in love. If your not suppose to fall in love then what happens when you do? The movie Delirium is drama beyond it years. It has the love, heartbreak, and suspense. Go watch Delirium in a theater near you.

“ and desire enjoy a symbiotic relationship, meaning that one cannot exist without the other. Desire is an enemy to contentment; desire is illness, a feverish brain. Who can be considered healthy who wants? The very word want suggests a lack, an impoverishment, and that is what desire is: an impoverishment of the brain, a flaw, a mistake.”
Lauren Oliver, Delirium

Based on the book: Deliriun By: Lauren Oliver

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Max Schneider As Julian Fineman

Feature Article

Falling in love. The most dangerous thing to do. No matter how tempting, you just can't. Even though every single person tells Lena that, even herself, she still manages to. Lena is a typical golden child; always listening to her head and not heart, follows all the rules, and never talks back. All she ever talks about is getting her perfect match, getting married, having kids, and basically the perfect life. But one day she meets a boy named Alex Sheathes, and her heart starts to talk louder than her head. Alex isn't some ordinary boy that lives in Portland with Lena, He is an invalid from the Wilds. Alex is like a typical smooth boy. He is always smiling and laughing or even both sometimes. Even though he is in a good mood most of the time, he can also be serious, angry and even sad sometimes. Since Alex doesn’t believe in the cure he constantly trying to show Lena that live with the cure isn't that’s good as she imagines. Lena knows the consequences, the trouble, the heartbreak from falling in love, but with Alex none of that matters. Falling in love. The most dangerous thing to do. No matter how tempting, you just can't. Or maybe you can?
Delirium Crossword

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Hana May She Be Rembered

Hana Tate

Hana Tate lived a very good life,

Even though after marriage she was stuck as a housewife.

She betrayed her friend and knew what she had done,

And after that life without Lena wasn’t so fun.

She wasn’t a terrible child, even though she broke some laws

, but it wasn’t her fault she just wanted her life on pause.

Hana was the kind of girl that dressed in the latest fashion,

on one knew that was never her real passion.

She wasn't perfect , but she dealt with what she had done,

lets remember her when she still free and young.

Written By: Lena Haloway

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Become a regulator today. Do you remember when you were a kid ,and there were those kids that didn't care about the law. You always wanted to stop them before they did something stupid, but they would listen to you because you didn't have the authority. You know what happens when you don't follow the rules, and do you really want your kids getting into that kind of trouble?! If you become a regulator you can help prevent and protect your child from falling in love or doing anything more stupid. Don't think of it as a ruthless way to help the children but as a more memorable way of doing it. The laws are there for a reason and they need to be followed by everyone. So join today and become a regulator to help enforce the law on all kids of America.

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