Jones Journal Reviews

Sarah Jones shares her opinion about 5 online journals.

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Educational Leadership Journal is published by the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) and is published 8 times a year. The information in the journal is about teaching and learning. The focus is on new ideas and practices relevant to practicing educators. The latest trends and issues affecting Pre-K through higher education is explored. Non members can access some articles and columns. The journal has a "EL Takeaway" which is on overview of the information in the issue. The journal also has a section were the ASCD Community in Action is shared and discussed. After the articles are listed a section for links to additional online content is available.

Best Resources for a Librarian to stay current and on the cutting edge of teaching practices to use in collaboration with teachers.

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School Library Research (SLR) is a scholarly refereed research journal. The goal of this journal is to promote and publish high quality original research concerning management, implementation and evaluation of school library programs. All articles are provided through PDF format. Currently volume 18 is being published during 2015. It appears several articles at a time will be added over the course of the volume year. SLR is a valued resource to find research proven information when making change in your school library. Having a valid resource that is supported by data to use is priceless.

Best Journal for Academic Scholarly Articles

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The School Library Journal is published monthly. The journal is a very valuable resource to have access to as a school librarian. It is a wonderful resource to assist in collection development. The journal has articles that are on current issues and big ideas in school libraries. Pre-K though 12th grade level reading materials and media materials are reviewed by reliable sources. The authors of the articles and some reviewers are featured in the journal which allows the reader to determine the validity of the writers opinion. I also value the section on Spanish Language Material reviews. Unfortunately you have to subscribe to be able to access the full journal on-line, but featured articles and some reviews are available.

Best Collection Development Resource

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The Journal of Educational Technology and Society is a quarterly published journal. The journal is a merging of ideas from developers of educational systems and the educators who implement the systems. The articles can range in topic from how tech can enhance learning, managing e-learning, data in education, learning analytics and many other possibilities. The issues articles are listed by title and authors. The reader is able to click on a box to get a quick overview of the article and author. All the articles can be downloaded in a full length PDF form. The journal also does a write up on book reviews and has special issue articles. The value in the journal of educational technology and society is more relevant today then in the past. Educators need to know if the actions they are taking with students are beneficial to the students learning through data and analysis. The ability to be able to go to a journal that is on the cutting edge of new systems and data collection is very helpful.

Best Technology Integration Resource

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Knowledge Quest is published bimonthly from September to June by the American Association of School Librarians. The audience the journal is written for is influential individuals in the school systems that make decisions about school libraries. The articles are about integrating theory and practice in school libraries with new development in educational learning theory. The main focus on content, collaboration and community around the school library. The current year is only available to subscribers on-line, but a few articles/features are provided for any user to access. Previous years journals are available in the archives in full. The journal is separated into feature articles, and columns. Information about the Guest Editor is provided with access to their column on-line.


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