Camp David Accords

By: Ravleen Sandhu

The very special day has come

It is now time for the Middle East's conflict resolution.

The tables are about to turn!!!!

The Signing Of The Camp David Accords

Sunday, Sep. 17th 1978 at 5:30pm

Camp David, Catoctin Mountain Park, 10, Hauvers, MD, United States


What is the pupose?

  • Benjamin Netanyahu said that the 1973 Egyptian-Israeli peace was “the cornerstone of peace and stability, not only between the two countries, but in the entire Middle East as well”
  • Washington was concerned that the1973 war might cause an Arab oil embargo.
  • Thus the document was signed to keep peace in the Middle East
  • The Camp david accords remain a puzzle becaue the outcome shaped the Middle East, but this was not the outcome that was expected.
The Camp David Accords