Like Anne Frank

Book Written by: Marcel Prinns & Peter Henk Steenhuis

Book Talk by: Christina Ryzhov

14 True Stories of Survival

In the book "Hidden Like Anne Frank", there are fourteen featured stories of children who survived the holocaust. Here the stories of children who share what it was really like to live as a Jew in World War II


The conflict of all 14 stories are both external and internal

The survivors must deal with internal conflicts by enduring the pain, hunger, sickness, and loneliness of hiding.

The survivors also dealt with external conflict by being separated from their family's and dealing with nazis.


The Holocaust: History in an Hour, by Jemma J. Saunders, read by Jonathan Keeble by HarperAudio
Peter Fischl, 63 years later, returns to 1 of the places he hid to survive the Holocaust in Hungary

How Hiding Felt

Jaap Sitter's Story

Plot: Jaap was only 8 years old when the holocaust began. His mother cut the yellow star off of his coat and sent him alone on a 15 mile walk to his relatives wear he would be "safe". Jaap had to hide multiple times from German raids of the home, and he dealt with starvation, sickness and the threat of being caught at any time.

Setting: Jaap starts off at his house in Naardeen, North Holland, and later walks 15 miles to his uncles house in Bussum, Holland where he must constantly hide from the threat of Nazi raids.

Conflict: When Jaap is on his hike to Bussum, he must frequently jump into ditches when cars pass in case one of them holds Nazi officers. Later when he arrives in his new home, he must hide in a small enclosed closet every time there is a Nazi in the area. One time, he must jump into a dumpster in the basement and hide there for hours when Nazis invade their home. He almost gets caught when a soldier opens the dumpster to throw away vegetable peelings, but luckily he was not noticed.

Characters: Jaap Sitters: Main character that tells his survival story.

Jaap's parents: They send Jaap on a 15 mile hike to his freedom.

Jaap's Aunt and Uncle: Hide Jaap so he can survive through the holocaust.

German Nazi's: - They Often raided Jaap's living quarters but never find him.

Holocaust Movie-Hiding Halina-"The Raid" Scene