Primary Points to Ponder

December 10-14

Substitutes for Paras

Our district spends $350,000 in substitutes per year. Based on the size of the district we should be closer to $100,000. In order to work as a team with the other campuses in our district, we will not be getting subs for most non classroom teacher positions.

Para who still get subs in AESOP.







Teachers who will not get subs:



All other para positions will no longer put in for a sub. If you are going to be out, please put the request into time clock but not AESOP. Please email ASAP.

Questions about time clock requests need to be addressed to Evelyn,

If you are going to be out, make sure you have your duties covered by another staff member by switching days or times of duty.

Discipline Update

Primary Behaviors Quick Reference

This documents has a quick view of what is classroom, redirection, and office based behaviors.

Tier 1 Behavior Documentation

This document will be used by Admin and Redirection staff to help us start to track how often behaviors are occurring and what interventions are effective.

After School Detention Notebook

In order to help make sure that students are picked up in a timely manner from after school detention, please read the following:

ASD Notebook is located behind Ruth

Must have Example 1 in ASD notebook with parent signature and phone numbers for parents before students can stay for ASD.

Example 1 - Send home for parent to sign. If you assign ASD the same day you must call the parent and get an OK for student to stay. Fill out this form and get phone numbers for office to call if needed.

Example 2 - This is to be filled out and given to the teacher on the calendar that is teaching ASD that day. You may want to email and/or text the teacher on the calendar if it is late in the day that you assign the ASD.

Example 3 - This is the filing cabinet that houses the ASD forms that you will need. The forms are located in the bottom drawer in the blue folders.

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Parent Liaison Referral

Please complete for when you want Ms. Chism's assistance with family support.

Board Recognition for January- Frank Richards

We will be recognizing the Board President in January. We will be purchasing a mailbox to put things in.

He likes:




He is a retired mailman so we thought it would be fun for him to get kid mail as well.

Items will be due January 11. Please put them in Regina's office.

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Links you need

Primary Calendar of Events

Check this every week so you can keep up with events. Click on links to see attachments.

Student Recognition per Month

Check Primary Events Calendar for Due Dates

Primary Staff Notebook

This has just about everything you need!

Professional Development Opportunities

Teacher to Teacher Observation

Information will be pulled after the end of the 1st semester.

Project ETELL Registration

This is a route to begun ESL or bilingual certified with no cost to you.

SIOP Texas Gateway Training

All staff who work directly with students must complete this training.

Pine Tree Primary Symbaloo

This has links to many of our pages. You can make it your homepage!

November Student and Pirate of the Month

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From Sage:

Please make a copy of their Benchmark Assessment Analysis form (the one page that has the results for the entire class) as soon as it is completed? Goldston and I will re-do intervention groups for January as soon as we have those (so probably starting on either Friday December 14 or Monday December 17)

Ms. Malloy's class is trying to save 3,600 cans. Please drop any drink cans off at her room.

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Cafeteria Updates

If a kid is hungry, send them to the cafeteria to grab something from the free food table or to see Ms. Lee for a full meal.

Monitor for things that could be put on the share table.



Prepackaged with lid

Fruit with lid

Fresh fruit still in bag


Graham crackers

No hot food

January 2019

Starting in January, students will have 2 entree choices. We are excited about this change to the menu. With change, we need to devise a system that works for us. We will need to discuss on Wednesday:

Best way to take lunch count and get to cafe before 8:00 am

Lining students up by entree and using cafeteria serving lines so that students eating entree 1 go in serving line 1 and students eating entree 2 go in serving line 2

There will be lots of trial foods so that child nutrition can build a healthy menu that kids want to eat!!

If they don’t know their number, have them a card in the card bag outside the cafeteria to grab everyday.

More Teacher Lunches!

Email or Tell Mrs. Lee in January by 7:35

Chef Salad $3.50

Baked potato $3.50

Tea or unsweet included

Mrs. Lee will make an account for you with your badge number. Teacher lunches cannot be charged. Please do not ask Cafeteria to allow you to pay later. They will have to tell you no.

Example of 2 Entree Choices

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