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Synergizing is when you help somebody. If you are synergizing you are caring, helping and being a leader. Synergizing is also when you are cooperating with somebody.

Why synergize?

Because syenergizing can make everybody just a little bit more of a leader. So always synergize to make everyone happy.

How it can be helpful

It can be helpful by

It can be helpful in your community by people working together and nobody would fight. It can be very helpful in your school because kids don't have to fight over who's pencil is who's and they wont argue get in trouble or any of that. It would also be helpful at home because kids would do dishes, help mom (or dads...but mostly moms) take in grocery's.

Thank you

Thanks for reading my 7 habits, synergize.
Jannah Bolin Sings The 7 Habits