Mounted wind mills

By:Cierra, Sydney, Hannah, Merit


  • The market for these mini windmills grew over 13 percent in the U.S.A in 2009.
  • These wind mills are better for houses but we chooses to put ours on the schools!
  • The wind speed must be at least 5 miles per hour.
  • This machine will help power the lights and/ or a Fridge.
  • These look much more modern in an urban area!
  • We will need approval from the Mrs.frozey and the

Maintenance crew will install it and check on it once a mouth.

  • This product will help save money for lighting so that we can have more school supplies. And no more power outages.

PROs and CONs

Cost and pros and cons.

  • Pros are very energy saving and money saving project!
  • It also looks much more modern.
  • Some Cons are the product can make a rattling sound and are best for houses! The cost is $607.