a long way gone

by:Mallory White book by: Ishamel Beah

Internal Characterization

Ishmael feels so hungry and doesn't think he can make it anymore. He gives up and doesn't care if he dies. The text says "I looked at the blades of the machetes and thought baout how much it would hurt to be chopped with one. Other times I was so hungry and tired that I didn't care." (Beah 57)

Historical Connection

The RUF is invading towns without the towns permision. This is what Adolf Hitler was doing. The RUF is killing people for no reason. Hitler just killed them because of his belifes and what he wanted.

Vocab Words

Brutal - savagely violent. "Everything felt awkwardly brutal." (Beah 49)

Oblivious - not aware of or not concerned about what is happening around one. "The iman was oblivious to what was going on until it was too late" (Beah 46)


Ishmael goes through mmany settings including, the forest and many un-named villages. The forest is where Ishmael spends his time bathing, sleeping , and eating. He also meets he new friend group of 6 other boys and everyone is afraid of them. In the un-named villages him and his friends walk through them trying to get away from the war.

2 Conflicts

1. Since Ishmael is soooo hungry he decieds to steal food from an inocent young boy. The boy does not wanna stand up to him so the young boys mother gives Ishmael food.

2. Ishmael and his friends had become known as "The 7 Boys" this is a conflict because there is more of a chance for them to get killed because many people are afraid of them and want to hurt them.