Oct. 17-21: Week 9: Feeling Fine!


Rain, Rain, Go away

Come again another day...

Please don't rain and ruin our play

We want Field Day, please stay away!

Rain waited, and waited to decide what to say....

And then replied, "Sure that's o.k."


Academic Vocabulary

Click on the grade level button below to have quick access to academic vocabulary for Math. Pre-teaching vocabulary makes a big difference for all students. Having these terms posted for easy view help students solidify their working memory of these terms.

Lead4ward: Academic Vocabulary for Math

First Grade

Lead4ward: Academic Vocabulary for Math


Lead4ward: Academic Vocabulary for Math


Lead4ward: Academic Vocabulary for Math

Fourth Grade

Lead4ward: Academic Vocabulary for Math


Lead4ward: Academic Vocabulary for Math

Bringing Roses And Giving Smiles

This weeks B.R.A.G.S.

To Morgan Goss: What a shining star with a big heart! Thanks for giving your all to reach the whole child.

To Meghann Blake: Helping out with morning carpool with Chase and in the pouring rains!

To Cindi Parker-Stevens: We are so lucky to have you as a part of our Mathews Family. Thank you for all you do to helping us and always having a smile!

To Rick Woodard: Thanks to Rick for bringing a BIG cooler of ice for our first grade experiment. Karen

To Gen Ed Teachers: Thank you for letting me sit in on so many of your ESL kiddos' conferences! I really appreciate it and wanted to say thank you for your time!!!! Jayme

We want your B.R.A.G.S.!

Thinking about someone special and just want to share how great they are.... Here you go! Just click on the button above to Bring a Rose And Give a Smile to someone special!

October Birthday Wishes

Special Birthday Wishes for:

5: Teresa Calaza

9: Cindi Stevens

10: Kristin Woodard

15: Beth Hunter-Dowd

18: Carrie Havens


Nuts and Bolts

Report Cards go home on Friday. Please be sure to print these in advance to make sure everything is in order and avoid any unexpected hiccups! Thank you.

FAX from your Email Account! You can now FAX an attached document through your email!

Directions how to do this are in the Share Drive/Mathews/_16-17 Mathews Staff Handbook/FAX folder.

In Outlook for the week of October 17-21

Be sure to check our Mathews Outlook calendar to stay current on any updates or changes.

Monday, Oct. 17: First Day of the Second Nine Weeks!

Tuesday, Oct. 18:

Wednesday, Oct. 19:


Stoker/Powell Off Campus morning: Principal's Meeting

PLC Meetings

Thursday, October 20:

CMIT Meetings

Friday, Oct. 21: Report Card Day!

Mentor-Mentee SMU

Pizza & Pumpkin Luncheon!

Duty Schedule for the Week

Thank you for your support in keeping us safe each and every day!

Morning: Amanda

Walkie: Rick

Afternoon Gym: Ann, Kristin

Updates to Duty Schedules may be made at:

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