Vietnam Assignment

Jacob Zanelli, Austin Luna

Summary of both passages

Ambush was a passage that i had read before about a man who it is his turn to stand guard while his other soldiers are asleep and a Vietnamese soldier walks up and the soldier throws a grenade at him and watches him blow up. it also talks about the affects it has on him a and how he hopes he can tell his daughter his war stories when shes older.

Thanks was a poem about a man that served in the Vietnam war and he is going back and thinking about everything that he is thankful for when he was in the war, as he goes on he explains that even the smallest thing he is thankful for, and he shows that the chances of survival in the war were slim because you didn't know what was going to happen at any given moment.

Important passages

"sometimes i forgive myself, other times i don't. in the ordinary hours of life i try not to dwell on it, but now and then, when i'm reading a newspaper or just sitting alone in a room, ill look up and see the young man coming out the morning fog", This passage is important because it shows the effect of the war on the man.

Thanks for the tree between me & a sniper's bullet. I don't know what made the grass sway seconds before the VIet Cong raised his soundless rifle. this passage is important because it shows a traumatic event that occurred during his serving

Discussion Questions

Ambush talks about how war impacts people when it talks about the main character is thinking about killing that man everyday of his life. the author is trying to demonstrate to readers to effects of serving in a war has on a person. it also shows the gruesome things people experience in war. all the things he did while in war he has to carry around the rest of his life

Thanks talks about how the war impacted himself and tells the reader about how he is thankful for all of the things that kept him alive during the war. The author is thankful for even the smallest things because it shows how much he valued life. This shows the impact that the war has on people by showing fear and thankfulness, from what the author says in the short poem makes it sound like if you were to join the war you can leave scar less but still be scarred and if you can make it out alive you are considered one of the lucky ones.

Big image
this image reflects aspects of the Vietnam war, not just because he is an elderly man but also because he could be a veteran, this shows war because the man in the picture looks proud to had served in the military and fight for his country.
Vietnam War to Fortune Son
fortunate son is a protest song about how the poor are being sent off to war and the rich and sons of important people are not being sent off to war.