Love Advice

Heinzll Unson

What To Do With Love

Dear Guy Love Fairy,

I have read your column for years , but I never thought that I would be writing to you. I've tried going to meets of " Women who love too much" but I'm still hurting, so i thought maybe you could help me. My problem is that the guy I love doesn't want to be in the same room with me. Every time I go to him he pushes me away. He doesn't even want to think of me. What can I do to make him like me?

From, The Unwanted Lover

My Advice

Dear Unwanted Lover,

I understand that this is a very interesting and frustrating relationship. You really need some help. Because of this I must lend you my advice.

First of all, become friends with that person. If he says yes, then your relationship can grow to something more. But there can also bad things that can happen. He can possibly say no, or he could run away again.

Another way to get him to like you is to use Cupid's Flower on his eyes. You can get this flower by kindly asking Oberon, king of the fairies, and getting his permission to use the flower. Again, there can be good and bad things that can occur. One good thing is that he can fall in love with you. The bad things are: he can fall in love with something else, you might use the flower wrong, or he can be allergic to the flower and he fall into his impending doom!

I hope this helps. Please use the Cupid's Flower directions correctly. I wish you good luck!

From the Guy Love Fairy