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The Use of Multimodal Education in the Classroom


To investigate and increase capacity in teacher and student creation of multimodal presentations.

What Does Multimodal Learning Mean?

"In a nutshell it means that the more different ways you learn something the more you will really learn it! The more different ways you learn something, the more you will remember it! The more different ways you learn something, the more you will genuinely understand it!" (Lazear, 2008).

Learn How to Integrate Some of Our Favorite Resources in Your Classroom!

Resources for Teachers

Schoology: Collaboration Website

Quizlet: Create Online Assessments

Tech4Learning: Create Online Rubrics

...And More!!!!

Resources for Student Creations

SyncPad: Virtual Whiteboard

Civilization V: Multiplayer Simulation Games

Jigsaw Classroom: Cooperative Learning Tool

...And More!!!!


  • Icebreaker/Quickfire

  • What is Multimodal Learning?

  • Examples of Multimodal Learning

    • Teacher Led Activities: How can the educator deliver information in various ways?

    • Student Led Activities: How can students create work/projects using various methods?

  • Workspace Activity

  • Wrap-Up

    • Tips and Additional Resources

    • Q and A

PD Resources

Multimodal Learning in the 21st Century Adolescent

"Text is not just about books anymore, we need to change how we educate with the times we are in."

"With the ever, increasing use of the internet there is an unlimited amount of information in the form of print, visual, audio, and other modes that allow students to access content to gain knowledge."

Using Technology with Classroom Instruction that Works

“Communication and collaboration tools, such as blogs, wikis, e-mails, video conferencing, and social networks, can provide timely, interactive, and criterion-based feedback to students.”

"... students must learn how to use current technologies, but evaluate which ones work best for particular tasks..."

This helps me do my job! " allows students to collaborate without the constraints of time or geography."

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Karoline Sharp, Leigha Ingham, Aurora Tyagi, Joanna Calandriello, Lidia Ortiz, Darnella Wesley