Town Report

Hello I am one of our select persons from the town Tygahshire I am here to give you a town report well you know I have never done one of these so I'm not going to try to sound like I know what to do or say so what I did was asked all the town officials if they had anything to say, then I asked some of the town citizens to see their input on the town so let's see what I got for information. One of our Selectman (Kyera Burnham) would like to say thank you all for your participation within your town. the town manager (Katelyn Farrar) had nothing to say. Our Town Clerk (Breahnna Jenkins) wanted to thank all of you for your work and cooperation for all of our activities and interesting schedule's we had in the beginning. Our Police Chief (Morghan MacNeill) had nothing to say, Our FIre Chief ( Skyler Kimball) Would like to thank you for keeping our town safe and to try to keep it safe for the remaining time we are at this campus, our Health Officer ( Hunter LaBossiere) had nothing to say, and our librarian (Kim Paign) would like me to inform you that she checked out at least 20 books this trimester and that she would like to thank all of you people that checked out these books. I would also like to wish Kim good luck because she has left our school district and now goes to the Poland area school so if we could all give her some good luck that would be nice. I interviewed 3 people who will remain un-named the first said that she liked the games, thought they were interesting and she liked the fact that we all got to get some fresh air. The second person said she liked all the activities we did she said in quote " I liked pretty much all of them, I guess". The third person said she liked the way we ran our town that we had a democracy not an anarchy, or a dictatorship, she also said that she liked all the games that we played and she liked that it kept us all active.