The Trip to Florida

By Jeff

Last year I went to Florida with my dad. We had to get on plane too Chicago. At Chicago we had a delay at the O'hare Airport. When the plane finally got there we had to wait to get on the plane. I had to get my dad two coffees because we had to wait so long. Once we got on the plane, we had to listen to the safety rules. Then we started moving very slowly. Suddenly it felt like a rocket at 100 miles per hour. We lifted off and started to fly. In the air I played clash of clans on my iPad. The plane had wi fi for some reason, so I went on YouTube and made a video on YouTube of me on the plane. When we got off the plane my dad got kind of lost because he was trying to find the renal car. When we found it our car wasn't there so we got a better car. Then we had to drive around a little bit for the GPS to find where we were. Then we went to the hotel. When we got to the hotel we got our rooms and went to sleep. It was a fun trip.