3D Design

by Matt Byrne

Rollercoasters and cars 3D design!

3D design is used for designing things like cars and roller coasters on a computer so they are safe and definitely work. Roller coasters are a great example of 3D design because if you don't test a roller coaster on a computer it can be very unsafe and the trains would go off track!

Cars are used to see every single piece of car that goes into it to make sure that everybody likes it before wasting money on buying a brand new car which no one likes because it would make no money!

3D Design

Extra Information

3D design is used for many things such as animation movies for example toy story. It is also used for designing bed rooms /kitchens and much more. 3D design is vital when designing kitchens and rooms because if one part was incorrect such as measuring the whole thing wouldn't work!