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By: Tennessee Parkhurst


Students can come back to school on Tuesdays and Thursdays between four and six pm with a trusted adult to get free bread, dairy, fruit, or vegetables from portable 153. This is available to students' families and friends.

Winter Concert

Starting at 6:00 pm on January sixteenth Mr. L’s Beginning Band, Intermediate Band, Advanced Band, Jazz Band, Bucket Drumming, Ukulele, and Choir classes will perform (Probably not in that order). Students have said that previous concerts have been a fun experience for them and their families.

Dragon Auction

The second Dragon Auction of the school year is on December twentieth. Also be on your best behavior

Important Dates!

OnPoint Auction #2: December 20th

Winter break: December 23rd through January 3rd

Winter Music Concert: January 16th

No school: Martin Luther King Jr Day: January 20th

End of the grading period: January 24th

Spirit week by Jerry Strohecker

Monday- Blizzard out day: Wear anything white

Tuesday-Flannel & Fuzzy sock day: Wear your favorite flannel shirt and comfy socks

Wednesday- Ugly sweater day

Thursday- Pajama day: Wear pjs or comfortable clothes

Friday holiday dress up: Dress up as your favorite holiday character and / or holiday headwear

Capstone Dance Trip

By: Alex Windsong

Help support the capstone eighth grade dancers, by buying their chocolate, that are super cheap and tastes really good. They are trying to go to Las Vegas in May to take a master dance class, and work with professionals. The chocolate is only a dollar each, and it's for a good cause, so don't forget to buy it!

Portland Election

Portland recently had a new election in Fall 2019 about who is going to be the new mayor. Only 20% of the population turned in ballots which is a low number for the city. Kate Snyder won the race against Ethan Strimling and unseated him as mayor. Snyder won 39% of the votes, Thibodaeu and Strimling followed with 28% and 25%, and Travis Curran finished with 7% of the vote. After Strimling and Curran were eliminated from the vote, Snyder beat Thibodaeu with 62% and Thibodaeu trailed with 38%.


By Mico O’Brien is bad , Amelia Jost , and Amal Singh, Cam Down

Lots of fires have suddenly sprung up all over California in areas such as San Francisco Bay, Los Angeles, San Diego, the Sacramento areas in the fields,

and a new recent fire in The Lake County in CA. The fires are currently being combated and Oregon has recently sent help to its southern neighbor. The bigger fires have stopped but there are still small ones. People are moving to a different state.

By Jerry Strohecker

The fire burned down two houses. The fires are caused by the Santa Ana winds. Which makes the air very dry all that together makes the fire explode in size. Some power companies in California start these fires. There are these guys in Redding, California called the smoke jumpers and they fight fires. The team has 40 people to fight a fire. There smart for example they know which way the fire will go. Fire travels faster uphill because heat rises.

By Jack Craign

Wildfire facts:

1. So far 6190 fires have been recorded!

2. Totaling an estimated of 198,815 acres of burned land as of October 27!

3.Northern California forced nearly 200,000 people to evacuate!

By Jack Craig

Kincade fire:

Kincade fire facts:

1.It started on October 23,2019

2.The Kincade fire burned the sonoma county,California

3.It caused widespread evacuations

4.It damaged 120 buildings

5.It has burned 77,758 acres

Juice wrlds death

by Jerry Strohecker

If you heard the latest news you've probably heard of Juice wrld's death. Juice world death was caused by a seizure. He was 21 when he died. His family and fans were sad about his death. He had a seizure at the midway airport. He was traveling from California to Illinois. He was in Illinois when he had the seizure. He had a private jet full of pills. Coincidentally John Lennon died the same day 39 years earlier. Police confiscated guns and drugs from his luggage. rip

Spotlight on Staff and Students

A section dedicated to highlighting our unique, hardworking staff and students. Our Spotlight Crew picks new staff members and students to interview for each issue. Who will be next?!

DeOndre intreveiw

By Landon D.

Q1. Are you excited to be leaving Ockley soon?

A: Yes

Q2. What high school are you going too?

A: I don't know

Q3. What are 3 things your good at?

A1: 3X3X3 Rubix Cube.

A2: Skateboarding.

A3: Wearing a beanie every day.

Q4: What's your favorite class?

A: Math.

Q5. What's your favorite video game?

A: Minecraft.

Interview of Ms. Halbig

By: Daniel Hunt, Jason Ferguson, and Theo Vohs

We interviewed Ms. Halbig, a 6th grade language arts teacher.

Ms. Halbig has been a teacher for 5 years. She has taught 6th 7th and 8th grade. Ms. Halbig has 2 kids(ages 13 and 15) and 2 step kids,(ages 15 and 19). She has been with her partner for 11 years. Her favorite movie is The Thirteenth Warrior. Her favorite book is The Fire Next Time.

Ms. Halbig said that the kids she teaches don't act well, but they want to act well.

interview on Danielle the custodian. By Kenan Johnson

Danielle was a bartender before this job.Sometimes.Cleaning up messes is ok.Danielle went to PCC and clark.Danielle has 2 kids.Danielle enjoys being around kids, She also doesn't want to be a teacher.

Interview for Dmitri by Kenan Johnson

Dmitri went to Peninsula.He wants to work at his moms restaurant.Dmitri wants 3 comics and comics are the Kurdles,t he musical monsters of turkey hollow. Dimitri plays badminton.

interview for beatrice

Beatrice Pierson is an eight grader at Ockley Green. She is excited to be going to Jefferson Highschool next year. She likes Ockley and thinks that it has a close, trusting community. She doesn’t play any sports but she is in capstone dance. Her favorite teacher is Mr. Damon and her favorite classes are math and dance. She enjoys her classes here because the teachers are really relaxed and let you sit with your friends.


Nike Air Mags

How much do Nike air mags cost:

Original Nike Mag Sells For Over $90,000. There are only a few shoes in sneaker lore that are as mythical as the Nike Mag from Back To The Future II. Over the last two weeks, shoezeum on eBay shocked the world by auctioning off one shoe of the original pair that were featured in the movie and it just sold for $92,100

How many pairs of the Nike air mags are there:

There Are Only 89 Pairs of the 2016 Nike Mags.

How Do The Nike Air Mags Work:

It's powered by a small motor that rotates a driveshaft with two gears; the gears transfer power to two belts attached to the laces. The ankle cinching system in the shoe's upper part uses a different mechanism and would lie behind your Achilles tendon.


By: Dahlia Williams

You may have heard about a change in the zodiac chart. There is apparently a new sign, Ophiuchus, as of September. Kind of.

In 1970 a man named Stephen Schmidt suggested a 14-sign zodiac. That zodiac chart would have included the signs that we know of (Capricorn, Aries, Gemini, etc.) and two more: Ophiucus and Cetus. In 1995, Walter Berg and Mark Yazaki made the suggestion of a 13-sign article. The idea received some popularity in Japan where the new sign Ophiuchus is known as Hebitsukai-Za (meaning “The Serpent Bearer”).

Ophiuchus isn’t exactly new though. It is an ancient star sign that has been around for thousands of years just like the rest of the signs that you already know about. Astrologers just chose to ignore the sign to keep the zodiacs an even 12.

Here is a list of the new zodiac sign dates:

Aries: April 19 - May 13

Taurus: May 14 - June 21

Gemini: June 22 - July 20

Cancer: July 21 - August 10

Leo: August 11 - September 16

Virgo: September 17 - October 20

Libra: October 21 - November 23

Scorpio: November 24 - November 29

Ophiuchus: November 30 - December 17

Sagittarius: December 18 - January 20

Capricorn: January 21 - February 16

Aquarius: February 17 - March 11

Pisces: March 12 - April 18


A section dedicated to airing student concerns, praises, and ideas for the future. This section empowers student voices, so they may become vehicles for change. Anyone is welcome to submit their opinion for publication in future issues. Contact Ms. Kate, or write a note to our Opinion Crew and leave it in the box by room 213.

Why Thanksgiving is Racist

By Karter Green

Is this controversial holiday really racist? Well first let’s dive into some of the history. It was established as a national holiday by Abraham Lincoln in 1863.Although it was recognized and celebrated long before that in 1783. Thanksgiving is supposedly about how the pilgrims and the Wompanoag people celebrated their harvest and the past year. The festivities included a big feast, and lots of prayer. The holiday was actually quite disorderly, but it kept the peace. Until King Philip's war when many lost their lives, the war began because the pilgrims wanted more land, and the Wompanoag people wanted to be free from the pilgrims.The pilgrims won the war. So for the thanksgivings after the war, pilgrims celebrated the downfall and displacement of the Wompanoag people. Today, we are led to believe that the pilgrims were peaceful, and that the holiday celebrates people coming together, but in reality it´s about genocide, war, and white supremacy.

Everything wrong with spirit week

By Elane Abebe and Alex Windsong

Spirit week is fun..but why can’t the student body have a choice on what we do during spirit week. How are we supposed to enjoy spirit week and participate in it, if we never had a voice on what we do. The student body is also disappointed that there will be no winter dance. The dances are our chance to have some fun and a little break with friends. Students are the one participating, they are the majority, and they should have a voice in deciding what we wear.

Classes are too short

By: Haily Ortiz

Class is too short, but most people think that it's too long. But think about it, you hardly have time for class work, and sometimes you have to do so much work. There are so many days that my class doesn't have time for everything we have to do, and that leads to homework. At home there is so much that has to be done and to add on to that you have to do homework. It just not fair. My sister is in high school, and she has A days and B days. Their classes are an hour and a half (90min). I think that 90min classes would be the best, so that we will not have homework after class because of work not getting done. We'd have time for sports, hanging out with friends, family and every thing that you could do.

Things are already hard, I have to get home and then do chores, eat, and then go to basketball practice. There are people that cant do the work because they have to chores for their family, when they are not there at home. So think of that, would you want more free time or do class work?

Pros and Cons of Ockley Green

By: Ava Jones and Haily Ortiz


  1. The education

  2. Diversity

  3. Spend time with friends

  4. Has soccer goals

  5. Dance/music programs

  6. New gym floor

  7. Starts later (9:15)

  8. Heating system

  9. Free breakfast

  10. Good classes

  11. Teachers are creative

  12. Spanish classes

  13. Many electives


  1. Some of the teachers

  2. The food here

  3. Short classes

  4. Short recess

  5. Paints different colors in hallways

  6. When we leave from school its near sunset

  7. Old textbooks

  8. Gross bath rooms

  9. Pre wrapped food

  10. Gets really cold/hot

  11. Recommitment system

  12. Lookers are the best

  13. Chromebooks are old and broken

Student Poetry

A broken man found his way to the land of hope and promise

To start over and rebuild himself

To seek solace from the men with the brass knuckles who beat the ground on which he stood he waved to his mother for the last time

To Plant new roots

And let himself grow to the sky

He made his way to his house that was not yet a home

And even though he was lonely he planned to make things good

For himself and others that would come

But the people who preached hope heard what he had seen

Frightened by what he might do

They soaked his eyes with bleach to disinfect them

from the horrors that he'd seen

They wiped his tears as he cried

And screamed that he couldn’t see

They told him to shush

It would all be over soon

And then he could be free from the doomsday he had left behind

He cowered in a corner

Shallow breath and blind

But the memories they tried to erase stayed present behind his eyes

He found his way to his house that was not yet a home

And washed the sting away

His vision blurred and then cleared as water swelled from his eyes again

Spilling over as he began to see

The world around him had a dull glow

He found a promise he wasn’t looking for

In the doomsday he had come to

he looked for better days

he wanted to see his mother again

And he hoped he would find the land of freedom he had wished for, the one he had been promised.

Save Family Friendly Videos on Youtube

By: Jerry Strohecker

Lately family vlog channels have been saying that they are going to get rid of family friendly videos. They want you to help them communicate to YouTube creators. (The Federal Trade Commission FTC )wants to get kids out of ads. The reason that is because they are giving out secret information like Phone numbers, names and addresses without permission. YouTube threatens kids channels like Daily bumps, Thatyoutubefamily and Jhouse vlogs and some other YouTube channels. Maybe they can rate the videos like movies. If you want to stop this do this sign a petition and write to the FTC.

Questions you shouldn't ask a twin

By Landon D

A lot of people ask twins irritating questions that get annoying quick so here are some questions you shouldn't ask twins.

  1. You shouldn't ask which one they are if you already know who it is

  2. Do you have twin powers/telepathy

  3. Which one of you is older

  4. Which one is evil

  5. Who is taller

  6. Have you ever dressed alike

  7. Have you ever switched classes

  8. Who is stronger

  9. Who is faster

  10. And never ever ask who’s smarter

So those were some questions you shouldn’t ask twins, now, yes, some of these are questions you might ask just to get to know them but others might irritate the twin. And you should take this advice because I'm a twin.


Interview for Aerion

By: Jayvaughn, Malaki, and Terrence

M: How is basketball going this year?

A: Cool

T: How has school been this year?

A: Cool

J: What was your GPA last quarter?

A: .4 he made blue card for SEI

T: What is your favorite class this year?

A: Mr.Riser

J: What is your favorite position to play in basketball?

A: A 2 and a 4

T :Why?

A: Because i like to move around and get shots

M: Have you ever wanted to play for N.W.A?

A: Yes

J: Who is your favorite teacher? And why?

A: Mr. Riser because it's an easy A

M: Do you like your coach?

A: Yes

T: What do you want to do when you get older?:

A: Be an Engineer or play in the nba

J: What is your favorite subject?

A :Language arts

M:How many months have 28 days?

A: 1

RA: all of them

T: Say silk 1 time, say silk 2 times, Say silk 3 times.What do cows drink?

A: Milk

RA: Water


Christmas is coming up and the Comedy Corner would love to hit up some families with jokes before the holiday. Christmas themed jokes. Christmas isn’t always the easiest holiday to get through with your family. So lighten any mood with these hysterical (and a little corny) Christmas jokes. You’ll make even the crankiest of relatives smile with these hilarious puns and one liners. The best part is they are all kid-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about getting side eye looks from the adults at the table. Now all that’s left to do is pass the fruitcake and try not to mess up the punch line.


by Kenan johnson

  • What kind of personalities did the dead man have? He gave you the cold shoulder.

  • Why couldn’t popeyes get a chicken sandwich from chick fil a because it was sunday.

  • What did the shoe say to the lace? Want to cuddle up.

  • Why was 6 afraid of 7? Because 7 8 9.

  • At the atm an old lady asked to check her balance so i pushed her over.

  • If you're deaf and you see someone yawn would you think their screaming?

  • What did the spaceship say to earth? We are out of this world.


By Landon Downs

Roses are red

I don't know how

But we have a Jager

So you can stop worrying about grenades now

What do you call a necromancer?

A: a healer with bad timing.

better jokes

Roses are red

Walls are plaster

you can run but big bird is faster

Jack and Jill went in to town

to fetch some chips and sweeties

now he cant keep his hart rate down

and shes got diabetes

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall

the structure of the wall was in correct

so he won ten grand with claims direct

Interview for Jamarion Causey

T:What makes you funny?

HA:Telling people my jokes

M:Do you think You’re funny?


J:When do you start roasting? Why?

HA:In the middle of 2nd grade because of terrence

T:Do you do the slow tempo voice on purpose?


M:What do you want to be when you grow up?

HA: Basketball player

J:Tell me about your hobbies, for example, what do you do when you’re not at school.

HA:play basketball and hangout

T:Who’s your favorite teacher and why?

HA: Ms sheridan because every time I need help she helps me

M:Say Silk, Say Silk two time, Say Silk three times. What do cows drink?

HA: Water

J:You’re in a race, you past the person in second place, what place are you now? 2nd place

HA: second place

T:There are 30 cows and twenty ate chickens. How many did not?

HA: all of them

M:What room do ghosts avoid? The living Room

HA:the living room

J: If there are 6 fish in the pond and three of them die, how many fish are in the pond?


T:Do you think that you have to be smart to be funny?


M: If davids dad has three sons and two of them are snap and crackle who’s the third one?


J:Can you tell me a story about a time where roasting went wrong?

HA:6th period ms.halbigs class I roasted him and pulled down his pants

Alonas interview

Alona is a 7th grader at Okley Green. pronouns are she,her,hers. She is 12. With 2 siblings. She has a cat. Her fav elective is mock trial. Her fav subject is math. Fav teacher is MS.Hughes. After school she hangs out with her baby sister. Her fav sport is basketball. When she grows up she wants to be a photographer.