Slave Narratives and Folktales

Family Antidotes of past and present

Ida Carey Telling Tall Tales in "Slave Narratives"

Ida Carey is thrilled to make her professional storyteller debut performance in the Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Tall Tales concert event. Ida is known for performing slave narratives, family antidotes and folk lore stories that are adrenaline-charged and revolutionizing with compelling characters. Ida is a Southern Baptist Christian and Singer within the choir.

Ida Carey : Featured Event: Harriet, The Moses of Her People; editors Bradford, Sarah H., b. 1918; George R. Lockwood and Son, 1886.

Friday, Nov. 27th, 4-6pm

1515 Young Street

Dallas, TX

Ida Carey depicts Araminta "Harriet" Ross Tubman (1822-1913) who was a fugitive slave whose work as a conductor on the Underground Railroad made her a legend. Harriett assisted slaves to escape to freedom. After the war, Tubman returned to Auburn, New York, where she spoke at women's suffrage meetings with other prominent figures such as Susan B. Anthony.

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All monies will be donated to the Dallas Public Library to update the Historical Library. Tickets: Adults, $ 20.00 children accompanied with adult free. Refreshments are included with purchase of a ticket.

Performers: Ida Carey, Producer and Apple, Inc.

Burton, Annie L- Memories of Childhood’s Slavery Days. Mrs. Burton has been telling stories for over 30 years and she is currently a Principal in Washington, DC. She has received 4 Purple Storytelling Awards Medals.

Brown, John-Slave Life in Georgia: A narrative of the Life, Sufferings, and Escape of John. Mr. Brown has received 2 PhD’s in sociology and Interdisciplinary Studies he has received 4 Purple Storytelling Awards Medals.

Brown, a Fugitive Slave, Now in England. Mr. Brown has a PhD in Engineering and he has a Master’s degree in Storytelling. He has won 5 Silver Awards Medals.

Ida Carey

Ida Carey | Short Bio | 2015

Ida Carey is a singer, storyteller and a poet for our time. Over the course of a 30 year solo career, Ida has completed “Slave Narratives,” stories that are commissioned by The National Endowment of the Arts and received an award fellowship for solo performance excellence. Ida has received awards from the National Education Film Festival, Fund for U.S. Artists at Arts Intentional. Ida is a teller of family, slave narratives and historical tales of the past centuries and the present. Carey’s peers and sponsor’s describe “Ida’s talent a guru, teacher and an accredited achiever” her passion is expressed through legends, she brings inspiration and passion through real life situations. Ida expresses a message of empathy, courage, admiration, and ingenuity for change through slave narratives.

Ida’s storyteller career began accidently while trying to earn money for her school library to purchase needed equipment she stumbled up on a grant that was easy to obtain simply by implementing administration and teachers to obtain the venue. Once Ida received the grant she was confident that this was a moment of clarity for the future and an excellent opportunity to connect with the children within the entire school curriculum. Ida’s experience working in a mid-size library for 20 years in Children’s and Youth Services provided numerous opportunities to develop programming skills which eventually led her out in the community to a full time career as a performer.

Ida is the creator of a successful storytelling Creative Arts Workshop series for Early Childhood Education Diversity teachers at Dallas Oak Cliff Training Centre. She provides guidance and assistance for teachers and instructors of children and youth programs in storytelling. Ida is a Project Director for a multinational educational program in the Texas Regional district. Ida is the Artistic Chair and founder for teens Storytelling Festival Concert series sponsored by the Storytelling of Texas and the Texas Arts Council StoryFusion.

Ida has a Master’s Degree from the University of North Texas at Denton in Higher Education Leadership and Administration. A Doctoral Dual Degree in Training and Performance Improvement and Professional Studies in Education.

My entire family resides in Texas and we are only 20 minutes away from each other. I have been blessed with two sons both are intelligent, handsome, and have families of their own. Which include 4 adorable grandchildren that I will give the world. I enjoy reading, recording oral histories, swimming, movies and family gatherings.

Lastly, but not the least of them all, I enjoy meeting new people and listening and telling a good story, and nothing gives me greater satisfaction and fulfillment.