Watch Me Test, Watch Me Nae Nae

Keep your students engaged with FUN Test Prep!

Stinky Feet

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Stinky feet is a fun way to engage students with test prep. The rules are simple:

  • Answer questions in teams using the Number Heads Together Kagan Structure
  • Each sticky note has a point value on it---but this is where the game gets a little stinky. Some sticky notes have positive points and some have negative and some have pranks.
  • All teams who answer correctly get to choose a sticky note from the Stinky Feet Poster
  • Keep a tally on the board for points earned for each team
  • Place used sticky notes off the poster for future use
  • Continue with play until you run out of time, sticky notes, or questions
  • The team with the most points wins! Or change it up so the least amount of points wins (if you do that, make sure you have more negative point values).

Graffitti Wall

Students respond to text or a problem on chart paper. Place one test prep question/item in the middle of the board. Section off the chart paper into four sections (A, B, C, D). This refers to the student, not answer choices. Student A and B will work together and C and D will work together to answer the following guiding questions:

  • The question is asking me...
  • The topic/skill of the question is...
  • I already know...
  • The answer is....because...
  • wrong because...

Once groups are finished, student A and C compare and contrast their work. Students B and D do the same. Class discussion is had concerning the solutions and the processes used to complete the work. Students also discuss how this is a useful test taking strategy and that good test takers naturally do this.

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Amazing Race

3rd Version The Amazing Race Theme
The idea of the Amazing Race is to get students owning the learning and exploring in a collaborative and competitive environment. What you will need:
  • 3 test prep items/questions/content
  • envelopes
  • place for stations about the room
  • a challenge station for the teacher with 3 minute to win it challenges

How it works!

  • Each team begins at a station. The students are given three envelopes. You can number each envelope if you would like to manage the order in which they complete the problems.
  • Each envelope has a problem/item, etc. The teams work to complete the problem. When the problem is complete, the team races to the teacher. The teacher examines the solution/work. If the team is successful with their answer, the team gets to compete in a one minute challenge at the teacher station. If a team is not successful, they must return to their station and work it out again.
  • Provide a variety of one minute challenges (examples are similar to Minute to Win It)
  • Once the team completes the one minute challenge, students go back to their station and grab their next envelope with a new problem.
  • The team to finish all three problems and challenges first wins!

So what if a team finishes the problems, but not the challenges? This is where you can get creative. Feel free to provide tickets or other incentives for completing the challenges. What if there is just one person doing all the work? To prevent situations where only one person is doing the work, have an evaluation system in place where everyone is expected to contribute.

This game is fun and exciting. You could easily expand the game to fit more problems. Just make sure that you have enough challenges to go along with the number of problems that you plan to use. For example, if you want to do 5 problems, you will need 5 challenges.