Abusive Relationships

What can you do to help?

The Facts

30% of all teenagers reported that they have experienced a form of abuse in a relationship.

Such a large percentage of teens have abused, or been abused by their significant other in a relationship.

Unfortunately, only about 51% of teenagers are aware of the warning signs of harmful dating relationship, and so by the time they realize they’re in an abusive relationship, it is too late to get out.

Odds are, these teens sit in your classroom.

The Art of Prevention

So what will you do to help? Preventing these actions to occur in a the relationship could save lives.

1) Be informed and spread the word. The more you know and the more others know the easier we can help save young teens from abusive relationships.

2) Look for the warning signs. Keep your eye keen. Look for any signs that the relationship or the fight will escalade into something worse.

3) Step in. Every chance you get to stand up to the abuser, do so. Stopping the violence before it begins can help end abusive relationships.


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