LE One E-tivity 5 to 8 Summary

Our Collective Learning


During the second half of this Learning Experience you developed your skills to mentor teachers, researched more about leadership styles and learned the importance of Emotional Intelligence. You applied your new knowledge, experiences and skills to the case of Ashkan. This certainly was not an easy case as the parents refused (no matter what I and the school tried) to have him receive any Special Education support at school. Remember the parent wishes are always supported at an IPRC as school boards do not want to end up in a Tribunal case.
In the end he did attend a Autism class at the Secondary School were his academic and social needs were met.

Education for the 21st Century

Ken Robinson
What else can I say about Sir Ken, except he is what we need right now in Education. We need to put creativity back into our schools to help our students become employable in the future.
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RSA Animate - Changing Education Paradigms


Creative thinking - how to get out of the box and generate ideas: Giovanni Corazza at TEDxRoma

Lollipop Leadership

Drew Dudley explains that all of us are leaders as we impact each other everyday and do not realize it. Watch the video below to hear his message. I am sending all of you a virtual lollipop as your thoughts and discussions help make me a better teacher and instructor.
TEDxToronto - Drew Dudley "Leading with Lollipops"

Growth Mind Sets

The Power of Belief - Mindset and Success: Eduardo Briceno at TEDxManhattanBeach