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Brianna Klostermann - Editor-in-Chief

What Terrible Terrible Things!

A Closer Look

New York City, New York - Muckraking

Have you ever wondered what living inside the homes of immigrants may look like?

Immigrants live in small crowded homes filled with mounts of trash. More then 6 people lived in each home. Usually each home was no bigger then the size of a one bedroom apartment. Thanks to "Muckrakers" pictures of the scenes have been leaked to the public.

Other issues that have been exposed are work conditions for children. Children are being forced to work in small factories and have low pay. Often injured in the factory, they also do not attend school, and become sick from terrible conditions of the factories.

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Political Campaigns

Washington D.C. - Political Cartoons

Political Campaigns are a difficult time for the public with the trouble of William H. Taft, Theodore Roosevelt, and Harding Coolidge. Campaigns ran tough and votes came at strange amounts for the future presidents.

William Taft, was once in line with Theodore Roosevelt, ran for congress and became president, Coolidge, after serving for a term after a president died, he decided to run for a second term. Roosevelt, became president and soon after his term was over he took Taft under his wing.

Did You See What We Saw?

Old Head Of Kinsale, Ireland - Yellow Journalism

What would you think if you heard about Americans being killed?

Well here's a story you should hear!

Germany, as in the great war with the United Kingdom, sunk the Lusitania. Outraged the Americans have started to go against Germany and are demanding the President take action. Rumors are true! Germany is accused of sinking our ship because of our American's that were aboard. Over 100 of fellow Americans died in this tragic incident.

Know Your Place, Shut Your Face!

Have you seen these posters around lately?

Well, get use to them!

These posters are telling you warnings, our enemies are listening, so keep your traps shut! New regulations are up, and we must stop the talk about ship movements and troop locations, this talk could cause the lost of lives.

The government created the posters to alert the public.

So please be caring of lives and stop the talk!


FOR SALE - New Cars; Buy Before They're Gone! No Higher Then $700.
FOR SALE - Oh So Pretty Maybelline! Buy Now; Only $0.79!
WANTED - Looking For Hunting Knifes From WWI. Please Contact!
WANTED - Looking For Gray Dress; All Cotton
SERVICES - Sign Up For The Draft Today, For A Good Cause!
SERVICES - Donate To The Red Cross Today! You Could Save Lives!

Women's Suffrage

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Washington D.C. - WWI News Story

The women of America have started protest and began begging for Women's Suffrage, they beg for the right to vote, the right to work, and the right to live how they want to. Officials have already arrested several Women, including the Suffrage leaders Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. The arrests will be continued until further said.

Arts and Entertainment

Looking for entertainment? Look downtown!

In the new late night clubs, young women dance, as you may have heard of "flappers", they are a new type of entertainment. They are very neat dancers, although we are not use to irregular clothes, these young ladies defiantly hit it off by wearing short dresses with tassels, feathers on their head, and make up. These modern women express themselves through up beat music and dances. Go visit one of the clubs soon!

Babe Ruth


George Herman, or Babe Ruth, has been a big run in the Major Leagues. Pitching for 22 seasons, he was one of the best players out there. He is greatly looked upon by society. Its a shame to have to announce that Babe Ruth has died from Esophageal Cancer. He was pronounced dead on August 16, 1948, at age 53.

Rest In Peace.

The States


Welcome To Iowa! The most fertile place on earth, and largest corn producer in America.

Iowa is know for corn and fun, with lots of fairs and celebrations. Also can be know as the state of 5 seasons or the Hawkeye State from the Collage foot ball team.


Largest mixed racial state, made up of 16% Native Americans, 40% Asians, and 30% Mexicans. 1 out 4 of the citizens in this state are born in different states.

Usually know for Spring Break parties and the earthquake of 1906. The earthquake struck around 5 a.m. being the size of an 8.25 earthquake, it started large fires, caused over 100 deaths , and caused extreme amounts of damage.

New York

The starter the Uncle Sam posters, the nickname coming from Sam Wilson, a young meat packer from Troy, New York. Uncle Sam was used from WWI posters that said "I Want You For The US Army"

New York is also the holder of the largest buildings in America, 40th Wall Street (70), Chrysler Building (77), and the Empire State Building (102), the high of the buildings became a competition in 1920, and is still going, to see what building can become the highest.

New Jersey

This state is the holder of the 1st center of motion pictures. Lead by Champion Film Company (the forerunner of Universal Studios.)

Prohibition have been largely unenforced due to all the smuggling of alcohol into the state. The alcohol could be obtained in local restaurants and other walk in establishments.