Live Life To The Fullest

Berlynn Gubler per.6-7

Analysis of the development of theme

When Max met Freak, Max didnt know how to have fun. Freak was extremly inteligent and had a very large imagination. Freak and Max went on amazing adventures. Freak taught Max how to have fun. Another thing Max didnt have was school skills. Freak was very smart and taught max very big words and taught him to read. They had many fun times together with learning and imagination.

Reflection and application of theme

I totally agree 100% with the theme. I always try to be having fun with friends, family ect. As long as you are being responsible with your decisions with having a good time you will have the memories years later and be proud of them. Freak and Max were not always being the most responsible going to the testaments, but they will always have the memories of all the fun they had and all the crazy adventures. Always having fun and livivng life to the fullest will give you the crazy memories when your like 10000 years old and you'll think "wow! i really did that." Freak and Max always had fun and lived life to the fullest and Max will live with those memories forever and never have regrets. I hope as an adult i can tell my children the stories of me as a teenager.

Visual Representations


Freak The Mighty is about a learning disabled boy. He lives with his grandparents because his father is in prison for killing his mother. He doesn't know how to have a lot of fun until Freak comes a long. Freaks has a very large imagination and is very smart, Freak and Max go on so many amazing adventures together. One night killer Kane ( Max's dad) gets out of prison and kidnaps him! Freak has to come and save Max from his father in a basement that burned down years ago. At the age of 13 Freak dies because his heart got to big for his body.