The Heart of Haleʻiwa

April 29, 2022 Volume II Issue XVI

In this Issue...

  • Yearbook for Sale
  • Pop Up Market
  • Fire Department Visit
  • EOEL: Milkweed Plants
  • Preschool: Virtual Play Date
  • Kindergarten: Worms and Garden Beds
  • 1st Grade: Good Buddy Lesson
  • 2nd Grade: Canyons & Puppets
  • I-1: Butterflies
  • 3rd Grade Writing Club: Tiny Homes
  • Literacy Corner: Hawaii Reads Winners; Read Aloud to Big Kids
  • COVID Home Test Kits for DOE Families by Nurse Connie
  • Attendance: Be Here Everyday, Haleʻiwa is the Way! by Mrs. Nakamura
  • We Can Always Use Your Help by Mrs. Sumbad
  • Kākou Connection
  • May Menu
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Pop Up Market

Thank you families for making our first ever Pop Up Market a great success! Everyone who participated had a great time! Our student presenters had a blast teaching our families what they are learning in class. Our families were able to purchase items created or grown by our students and it was really fun to see the creativity from each grade.

We hope to have more Pop Up Markets in the future to showcase our science and Project Based Learning projects next school year!

Fire Department Visit

Our Preschool to Second Grade students were fortunate to have a Fire and Life Safety presentation by our Waialua Fire Department. The firefighters taught our students about what they do and students were able to go inside the fire truck. Each student was able to also practice using the water hose to put out a fire. Everyone had a great time!

EOEL: Milkweed Plants

by Mrs. Angelica

A huge mahalo to all of our families for such a successful market day! Our EOEL students worked so hard in preparing their milkweed plants! We learned how to collect the seeds, prepare them to plant, discussed what a plant needs to survive, and then all got a chance to care for them and watch them grow! Students also created brochures to go along with their milkweed plants to show parents how to care for their plants! We hope that the plants that were purchased will continue to grow, and that you will soon be able to have your very own butterfly garden at your own home!

Preschool: Virtual Play Date

by Mrs. Candy

The Dept. of Ed special education preschool had their virtual play day on April 1st and 8th (due to Covid) to the theme of "In the Jungle."

Our students had fun doing art, music, and drama activities. We used our DonorsChoose Cricut to create our bulletin board, Miss Candy's Zoo: "Our students are colorful and unique."

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Kindergarten: Worms & Garden Beds

by Ms. Brooks

Kindergarten had fun on Monday learning all about worms in Hawaiian studies! Thanks to our recent donors choose campaign, each kindergarten class was able to get a worm bin for their garden. Our Hawaiian studies teacher, Kumu Kuʻuipo brought our classes worms, taught us all about them and what they eat. Then, helped us set up our worm bin. We will be feeding the worms scraps from our lunches (vegetarian only).

We are looking forward to the compost that our worms will help produce for our garden!

by Ms. Mori

This week in Ms. Mori’s class the students had an opportunity to share about their garden bed to the preschool class. Students took turns and shared what we have been growing and how they take care of the different plants. The students also showed our preschool friends how to harvest the green beans and everyone were able to take some home to share with their families.

First Grade: Good Buddy Lesson

Mrs. Lee

Watch the video bellow to watch 1st grade students' harvest party.
Good Buddy Lesson

Second Grade: Canyons & Puppets

by Mrs. Kauffman

In Mrs. Kauffman’s class students investigated the causes of canyons. In the activity, Cornmeal Canyons, students created a model landform using cornmeal. Then they drip water over this “land” to observe how water can change its shape and to understand how, over long periods of time, canyons can be formed through a similar process.

by Ms. Onek

2nd grade has a wonderful opportunity to work with an artist to make puppets this quarter. We have just started this process and they have been learning how to observe and analyze art. In a few weeks we will begin the puppet making process. This is being put on by an artist in residence who comes to the school to work with the kids. In these photos students were recreating shapes they noticed in a statue by using their bodies!

I-1: Butterflies

by Mrs. Jeanne

I1 has been loving learning about the butterfly life cycle. They have watched the cycle go from egg to caterpillar to pupa to adult butterfly and have got to let them go and watch them fly off to enjoy the start of their life!

3rd Grade Writing Club: Tiny Homes

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Literacy Corner: Congratulations to our Hawaii Reads Winners

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Remarkable Reader - Rainier

Rainier has been our top reader for all of our reading challenges this school year. He has logged over 7,000 minutes so far! Keep up the great work and keep on reading!
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COVID Home Test Kits for DOE Families

by Nurse Connie

All DOE households can now receive 2 free COVID home test kits for every student and staff. These home COVID test kits make COVID testing fast and convenient for families. A letter was sent home earlier this week to advise families that these test kits will be sent to you unless you let the school know you do not want to receive them. Please fill out the “opt out” form that was sent to you if you decide to take this option.

These Flowflex COVID home test kits are simple to use. For accurate results, we need to follow every step written on the product guide. Test kits are to be stored in a cool, dry place where temperature gets no hotter than 87 degrees Fahrenheit at all times. When taking a test, we also need to put a timer on. Reading the test result at the exact time according to instructions will make the result more reliable. To watch a video on how to use your Flowflex COVID home tests, please click on this link: Flowflex Video

As of the date of this writing, the DOE will accept a positive home test result to activate campus response to isolate a COVID case. However, only COVID tests from a CLIA waived or certified test site are acceptable to return to campus sooner than 5 days after symptoms of illness. Haleʻiwa Elementary is a CLIA-waived COVID test site and offers this service to our students and staff to help them come back to campus safely. To participate in our CLIA waived COVID testing program on site, a Hawaii Keiki consent form will need to be completed. For more questions about our CLIA waived COVID test for school return, please contact your Hawaii Keiki school nurse @ 808 282 1064 or email:

Attendance: Be Here Everyday, Haleʻiwa is the Way!

by Mrs. Nakamura

Did you know? A student is chronically absent if they miss 15 or more days of school for any reason, which means missing less than 2 days a month. Haleʻiwa Elementary’s overall student attendance is 89%, so do your part in getting your child to school on time and everyday!

School attendance is especially critical at this time because your child in grades 3-6 are taking the Smarter Balanced Assessments (SBA), which is mandatory and can affect the schools overall performance. We need your support!

Helpful tips:

  • Prepare backpack/materials, clothes, shoes, etc the night before

  • Have a designated spot for important paperwork to be reviewed and signed

  • No electronic devices at least 60 minutes before bedtime to calm the mind

  • Have your child get 9-12 hours of sleep each night (recommended for school-aged children)

  • Set several alarms in case you or your child don’t hear the first one!

  • Create a checklist for morning routine to get ready for school

  • Keep breakfast simple and healthy (yogurt, muffin, fruit, etc)

  • Leave the house early with extra time to spare


Call Cyndy Sumbad, Hale`iwa Elementary School PCNC Facilitator @ (808) 637-8237 or email her at
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Kākou Connection

May Menu

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