iGIP Newsletter 9

Leaders of Generation Bold

Dear Gary and Vero,

As you guys noticed, there are only two of you in this newsletter now. CLPA and CLUC are the only two areas operating with VPs right now. I don't know if you guys heard but Karla resigned last week. Please be discreet about the news. I don't want any gossip to be spreading about it. She resigned for personal reasons. You may ask her personally. Arequipa is focused right now solely on managing their EPs and they are no longer doing selling. San Marcos (c/o Junior) is not really operating right now, there are some problems motivation wise. So this letter will be for only the two of you now. Don't worry, everything will be okay. Tranquilo! This newsletter will be relatively short. We will cover more important topics during our meeting.


1. Member Performance Analysis

2. Conversion Rate

3. Follow up on your deliverables

4. VP Meeting




Performance Analysis

We did a whole lot better last week than the month before that. Last week's analysis showed only 1 green pipeline and this week has 7 members on a green pipeline. Good job Vero and Gary! This week, let's aim for a 100% green pipeline.

Some things that need to be done:

1. Local Tracking: During our meeting, we will talk about local tracking but as early as now, I want you to start creating your local tracking tools. If you already have one, please make sure it contains the following information: number of companies on segmentation per week, actual list of companies on segmentation, number of calls per week, and number of meetings per week. I will ask for this information weekly during your weekly updates. We will cross check it with nimble to make sure all your members are using nimble and logging their accounts accurately.

2. Push your members to sell: As you can see here, only 9 accounts out of 117 are in the meeting stage. That means that we only have 9 possible accounts that can be sealed. Given our conversion rate, it takes 10 meetings to get 1 raise. So 9 meetings, means no raise. For fish peak, the goal is 36 raises. WE NEED TO SELL MORE! Your members are not working at full capacity. What strategies do you need to implement in order to make this happen? If you need help, tell me and we will sit down and strategize together. During our meeting, I will also share some strategies with you to get us moving forward in iGIP :)


Main Takeaway

The principal point to consider in this analysis is that we need to increase our number of meetings in order to seal more deals. We need smarter and hotter leads that can translate into raises. You can use this info to analyze with your team and we will talk about it during our Wednesday meeting!


Late Deliverables

Last week, I asked you guys to send this information by November 1. I did not get ANY email. Can you send me this information before our meeting on Wednesday?

1. LC Analysis: During the session entitled WAKE ME UP WHEN SEPTEMBER ENDS, i asked you guys to make an LC Analysis. Please send me this analysis in a document. Vero the outputs are with MaCla and Maria.

2. Network Analysis: This is the over-all analysis. Please send me your outputs as well.

3. Market Research: Insights from the market research, other points you want Julio to research on.

4. Local Plans: Based on all these 3 things, what are the changes in your local plans? Please send me your GANTT for the remaining two months.

5. Synergy Areas: What are your needs and points of synergy from the support function. Please identify every point so we can determine if we are going to provide that locally or nationally.

NEW DEADLINE: November 6, 2013.

VP Meeting


Remember our meeting this Wednesday! 10:30pm online :) Be online and be on time!

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