• 3 Things About Me

My name is Luyen Truong but it's hard to pronounce so just call me Leanne. I was born and grew up in Ho Chi Minh City, a beautiful city in Vietnam. I moved to Seattle 9 months ago with my family.

I love drama and movie, especially Korean and Chinese drama. My friends are always angry with me because I just want to stay at home and watch drama instead of hanging out with them :)

I have a large collection of cute notebooks ( may be over 100). However, I couldn't bring them to America ): because they're so heavy. So I had to give them to my relatives and friends as gifts before leaving. When I think about them, I'm so sad T.T

  • 2 Favorite Things

- Eating

- Coloring pictures ( I love art and design, but I'm bad at drawing :D )

  • 1 Dream Job

Become a famous fashion designer and have my own brand name :D