by Nick carmosino

Why Fooducate?

Fooducate is both a website and an app. The app has a barcode scanning option which scans the food or drink barcode and rates it. It also gives you a letter grade for the food that you scan and shows better options for that food if you have a bad food grade. It also tracks the amount of calories that you eat in a day and tracks the food you eat.

Is it user friendly?

Fooducate is free so that is a plus and it runs very fast. Fooducate is a good app for people who are looking for an app that helps you stay healthy. It is very user friendly and after you use it you will defenently see a dramatic change in your health safty.

pros and cons

My personal favorite function about Fooducate is the barcode scanner. The scanner is very easy to use, the only con is that it dose't have a tutorial. I tryed the daily food tracker for a week and it is very acurate. All you do is chose the catagory food you have for ex. Dinner, snack,lunch etc. The user can track their process at any time and the user can log out at any time as long as you save and then exit.