Andrew Jackson

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The 'Trail of Tears'

Andrew Jackson was the cause of the ‘trail of tears’, an event where Native Americans were forced into Oklahoma. This started with the Indian Removal Act, an act which removed Native Americans living in any of the states or territories and more them west of the Mississippi River. This act was passed on May 28, 1830 by Congress. Andrew Jackson did not have the right to force Native Americans off of their land, just to get more land for america. He also believed that the Native Americans were not equal to the US either. First of all, Jackson did not prepare the Native Americans for the long Journey to Oklahoma. Many of the Native Americans got sick from not having any blankets for warmth during the harsh winter. This caused 25% of the Native Americans to die along the trail (1 out of every 4 Cheerokes). When they arrived in Oklahoma, they were not given many materials either. If Jackson was a good president, he would have provided the native american's with supplies.

Destroying the National Bank

Jackson had simply opposed the National Bank. With his executive power, he 'vetoed' the the bank of the United States which meant the US was no longer going to use it. This also removed all federal funds from the Second Bank of the United States. I think this was not a good idea because the United States would have no way of collecting revenue and taking out money if there were no bank. He also thought the bank was 'unconstitutional'. Jackson had no right to determine the constitutionality of the bank because the bank was set to be constitutional in the court case McCulloch vs. Maryland by the Supreme Court.

The Nullification Crisis

South Carolina had decided to nullify the tariffs of 1828 and 1832 on imported goods because it was hurting them. Andrew Jackson, however, decided to force South Carolina to pay the taxes by passing the Force Bill. If Jackson was a real hero, he would have worked out the problem with South Carolina so that both the state, and Jackson would be satisfied. South Carolina had a reason why they were not able to pay the tariffs, and Jackson should have honored that considering they were an agricultural state.
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This political cartoon shows that Andrew Jackson has just shot a man who was 'discussing politics' with him. I think this means that Jackson thought that just because he was president, though he could do anything he wanted and was above the government.