War Is A Lie.

Don't be fooled by WWI Propaganda!

A Faux letter to a loved one from a WWI soldier to portray malice in the war.

Dearest Anna,

My fate is uncertain. I do not know when or if I will ever return home to you. Yesterday I watched the man laying next to me succumb to disease and pass away in a puddle of his own vomit. Just last week we were hit by a heavy shell attack. I had never seen a man blown to bits before... some things I wish to never see again. We had to dig deeper and become more entrenched in these "hell holes" as the enemy machine gun fire picked up. Progress is slow and I cannot find any means to be optimistic of my future. You shall always be in my thoughts and prayers. Love, Tom

Editorial of the Poem "Dulce Et Decorum Est" by Wilfred Owen.

As the weary soldiers trudge through the mud, the conditions of battle worsen. Plagued by disease the soldiers push forward, fighting for a cause they may not even believe in. Trench warfare takes its toll on the soldier, his body deteriorates as his mind is lost in the vastness that is war. War is a beast and it will hunt all capable men. Even women are not safe as it will find them too. Everyone contributes to war but no one benefits. A war like this will scar a man trapped in the god-forsaken trenches. After surviving gassings and bombardments the soldiers spirit is broken. This murder on both sides was completely unethical. Driven by wartime propaganda both sides killed in the masses for a foolish purpose. False inhibitions led to the loss of millions of people.

Women's Role

Women had an increased role in the war but this should not have been necessary if so many men weren't dying for an unjust cause. As proud as the world is of its nations women, they had no need to be doing all the extra workload along taking care of a possibly fatherless family.