Zombie Survival Guide!

BY : YoUsIf OtAlLaH

Appalachian Highlands :D

The Appalachian Highlands is a great place to be for hiding and or living in my opinion mainly because there are animals AKA food and water and there are trees for shelter. and it extends from eastern Canada to western Alabama witch means that you have a lot of space to choose from! It includes the Piedmont region. It has old eroded mountains witch are rounded and makes it easier to live on. They are also the oldest mountains in north america! And they are called foot of the mountain in Piedmont. so that's most of the info you need to know about it i would give the Appalachian highlands a solid 8 rating.

Coastal Range (-_-)

Honestly for me I think this is the absolute WORST place to be. Because in front of you is an ocean and behind you are mountains. So if you camp out there the zombies can come from behind and in front of you. it is located on the pacific coast it also stretches from Canada to Mexico!! Wow that's long :3. it also has rugged mountains,fertile soil witch is good for farming, and the worst part is it has ROCKY beaches witch really kind of sucks.I give this a rating of a 2.