Mickey and Me

By Dan Gutman Sam Sisk Block 3


Joe Stoshack - Protagonist

Joe is a 13 year old kid who loves baseball and plays baseball. Joe is a nice kid who will stand up for what he believes in. His height is 5'5" and he has brown hair. He is the mascot for the Milwaukee Chicks in 1944 during two games. He meets Mickey Mantle as a 13 year old kid because he's able to travel back through time using baseball cards.

Joe's Dad - Supporting Character

Joe's dad is divorced and has one son, Joe. He does not make a great amount of money because he's not able to stay with one job for very long. He has an unfortunate car accident and becomes paralyzed from the neck down as a result. He's a dedicated baseball card collector and fan of the game. He collects baseball cards that allow his son, Joe, to travel back in time.

Mickey Maguire - Supporting Character

Mickey is a woman that will do anything to play baseball. She is the catcher for the Milwaukee Chicks in womens professional baseball and is married to a man fighting in World War II. Her husband unfortunately dies in the war. She grew up very poor as a kid and is very hardworking. She doesn't take anything for granted.


The theme of this story is no matter what cconflict you face in life you must follow through. I realized this was the message of the story based on events that took place. For example; Mickey Maguire's husband dies in the war on the day she has a ballgame scheduled and she asks the coach to keep her in as the starting catcher. She followed through with her commitment to her team. Joe learned from Mickey when he witnessed her dedication to her team. Later in the story when Joe discovers that his dad is paralyzed from the neck down due to the car accident, he decides to play in the last game of his season despite being upset by the news. He lived with his commitment to his teammates.


The baseball cards that Joe and his father collect represent not only some of the greatest baseball players ever, but also allow Joe to travel back in time. These cards allow Joe to meet the players and build a better bond with his father. They symbolize a connection with the past and present time.

Book Recommendation

Mickey and me is a really good book. I enjoyed this book because I love baseball and the history of the game. I also liked it because going back in time with baseball cards would be cool. Meeting Mickey Mantle as a kid and getting his autograph would be amazing. I recommend this book to those who love the game of baseball. It was an entertaining book!