A Christmas carol

The play and Scrooges sacrafices

The Christmas Charol-play

The play is called the Christmas Charol. When your bored and want to hang out with your family, you should go watch the play of the Christmas Charol. There's a lot of reason why you should watch the play than read the book. First of all, the play has awesome special effects. There is some jump scares, pop up. So a character would just pop out of no where.But there not as scary as the jump scares in horror movies. Also there's tons of jokes and funny acting going on. Even more, if your the person who doesn't like to read the play would be perfect for you. To sum up, there's a lot more cool stuff that wasn't added, and theres also a lot of people who liked the play better than the book. If you ever want to hang out with your family, now you know where to go.


Scrooges sacrifice

Ebenezer Scrooge sacrificed a lot of money to the poor. Instead of being greedy he would give money. He sacraficed his mood from bad to good, he was nice to people. He would help people which he had never done before. He also sacraficed his mood from hating Christmas to loving Christmas.