The Landlady

Created by Layne Ganote and Megan Maupin

About Roald Dahl

He was born on September 13, 1960 in llandaff south whales. He spent his summer with his grandparents. His dad died when he was 4. He went to school at llandaff cathedral. He got a harsh beating from the principle and and he got enrolled in St.Peters a British boarding school; his dads wish. After that he got enrolled in Repton, a private school with a reputation of great grades.he did not go to collage, he wanted to travel and get a job right out of collage. He went to Africa and China. He went on an expedition to Newfoundland and he took a job with the oil company in Africa and stayed there until 1939. In 1939 he joined the royal-air-force and He was a World War II fighter pilot. He got transferred to Washington after his plane crash in the war and he met author C.S forester and encouraged him to start reading. He post his first short story in the Saturday reading post. His first story for children was The Grimlens for Walt Disney in 1942. He got an unspecified infection on November 12th 1990 and was admitted to john Radcliffe Oxford hospital in Oxford England. He died there on November 23 1990 at the age of 74.

Point of view

There are 3 point of views from the story. Mr. Weaver who thought the landlady was crazy. the land lady, who thought Mr. Weaver was attractive and she stuffed him. finally the narrator who thought the landlady was insane, we personally think that Mr. Weaver's point of view is the most important.


This short story is eerie,suspenseful, frightening, disturbing, spin-chilling, and supernatural.
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We believe that the authors message that he was trying to lay out for us was that he was trying to scare us, freak us out, make us frightened to ever go to a bed and breakfast place again.

Foreshadowing and Predictions

He remembered the names in the guest book. - The people had something happen to them at the house.

The land lady told him the people in the guest book never left. - They might be dead, but he now knows what happened to them. They went missing and were in the newspaper, that's how he remembered them.

Billy found out all the animals were stuffed. - The land lady is now officially uncanny. He is thinking about leaving now.

The tea the land lady gave had a taste of bitter almonds. - She had poisoned his tea.


Man vs. Self - Billy Weaver is trying to figure out where to stay. He is trying to figure out if the lady is weird or if she's nice, he doesn't know. The two other people in the guest book, he trying to figure out how he remembers their names.

Man vs. Society - the land lady poisons him.