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South Central Jr-Sr High School Weekly Update 5/13/16

Next Week in Faculty Meeting and PLCs

Tuesday we are scheduled for our monthly Faculty Meeting. We do need to meet briefly to review the SLO Final report that must be submitted for your teacher evaluation. I will also distribute Check-Out Sheets for the last teacher work day. Please plan to meet in H8, Emily Fero's room. I plan to be finished by 3:20.

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are all designated "final" days. On each of these days, we will follow a modified schedule that allows 75 minutes for testing in no more than three classes per day. Please note that 5th hour finals are split to accommodate the lunch period. My recommendation for handling this is to literally split your final into two parts, so that students do not see the whole final exam the first day.

SST is scheduled into each day to allow students the opportunity to get help from teachers as they are preparing for exams. Please make sure you are sending students out of your SST class to see a teacher ONLY if they need help preparing for the exam or finishing up a final project or assignment. It is important that students who need the help are able to access their teachers during SST time.

Classes that meet that are not testing are shortened periods to accommodate the longer test periods. You may use your discretion in planning for these classes. Please keep in mind that many students will have several intense tests each of those days, so it is acceptable to plan "downtime" for students in-between the testing periods to give them a break.

PLC time on Wednesday is designated as additional plan time since your plan period may be shortened over the course of the three days. If you have any questions about this schedule, please let me know!

Friday Special Events

On Friday, we have several special activities that will be taking place at various times in between final exams.

Each class will have locker clean out during one of the periods. During locker clean out, please accompany your class to the hallways so that we have plenty of supervision. This is also a great opportunity to stock up on supplies that kids would otherwise throw away!

At 10:00, seniors will be doing a walk-through on the elementary side of the building. You may have seen this idea on Facebook recently, as it has become a popular tradition in many schools. We hope this simple activity will inspire our younger kids to strive for success in school!

The senior cookout will begin immediately following 4th period finals. Seniors will enjoy a final meal together outside on the school's front lawn. Following lunch, we will come inside for graduation practice, which will last until the end of the day.

During 7th hour, underclassmen will be dismissed to the North Gym for underclassmen awards. The office will present awards for attendance and honor roll, but any teacher is welcome to present other department or activity awards as well. Tim Scott is in charge of his program, so please see him if you would like to present something.

Final Exam Schedule

The Final Exam schedule is confirmed for the end of the year. Please begin to share this with the kids!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

NO PLCSs—Teacher Plan Time

1st hour 8:33-9:00

3rd hour Final 9:04-10:19

2nd hour 10:23-10:50

SST 10:54-11:24

4th hour 11:28-11:53

5th hour Final (1st ½) Normal

7th hour 1:16-1:37

6th hour Final 1:41-2:56

Thursday, May 19, 2016

2nd hour 8:00-8:34

3rd hour 8:38-9:12

1st hour Final 9:16-10:31

SST 10:35-11:12

4th hour 11:16-11:53

5th hour Final (2nd ½) Normal

6th hour 1:16-1:37

7th hour Final 1:41-2:56

Friday, May 20, 2016

2nd hour Final 8:00-9:15

SST 9:19-9:55 Senior locker clean out

1st hour 9:59-10:34

4th hour Final 10:38-11:53 Senior Lunch 12:00

5th hour Normal Graduation Practice 12:45

3rd hour 1:16-1:46 10, 11 locker clean out

6th hour 1:50- 2:21 7, 8, 9 locker clean out

7th hour 2:25-2:56 Underclassmen Awards

*PLC time on 5/18/16 will be plan time to compensate for any lost plan time over the course of the three days of finals.

Something to Make you SMILE!!! :)

Congratulations to Denise Barkow on her retirement! For 41 YEARS she has been making a difference in students' lives. She will be greatly missed but her legacy will never be forgotten!

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