Northern Hills Library News

Happenings from November 2018

Breakout EDU

First and second grade tried out a Breakout EDU based on the book "Run, Turkey, Run! A Breakout EDU is similar to the Escape The Room activity. The students were required to complete different challenges in order to help the turkey escape from the farmer. Some of the challenges were an I Spy activity, sorting different Thanksgiving food items into a solid, liquid or gas and solving math equations.

Exploratory Stations

Kinder tried their skills at different exploratory stations. All stations were focused on building things. They tried Legos, Squigz, Planks, Straws and Connectors and Interlox. So much creativity and fun was going on in the library!

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Reading Therapy

For the past eight years, we had a Golden Retriever named Rowdy come to our campus as a reading therapy dog for third graders. Sadly, he and his owner moved out of state. This year, we have a new reading buddy named Chance. He is an English Cocker Spaniel and is certified as a Pet Partner with the Delta Society. He reads with third graders and loves listening to them.

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Library Information

  • 17 instructional days
  • 1,112 items checked out
  • 3 Overdrive Checkouts
  • 55 total classes taught. Classes focused on magnets, choosing the just right book, magnetism, Veteran's Day, Breakout EDU, Exploratory stations, fiction and nonfiction.
  • 26 classes came in for check out only.
  • 63 walk-ins

Upcoming events-Hour of Code, 4th grade research on extreme weather, 1st grade research on holidays, Storybook Theatre, Winter Break Reading Challenge.

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