The Amazing Taiga

By:Alissa Gowens, Alex Lopez, Lisa Carroll

Cool Things To Do In The Taiga

There are very cool things to see and do in the taiga region. One major factor is that you can see the northern lights, it is one of the best places to see the northern lights. Also if you are looking for adventure or just something new the taiga is located on both sides of the earth.Those are just a few interesting things about the taiga.
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Best Time To Go

The best time to visit the taiga is in the summer. The weather can go up to the fifties in the summer it's not that warm. I would recommend a light jacket just to be safe.


The taiga goes through seasonal changes just like us, but the changes aren't as dramatic as ours. The temperature can go as low as -65F but can also go all the way up 50F. Most of the rainfall happens in the warm humid weather in the winter you might not see as much rain as in the summer. The rainfall each year can go to be 12-33 inches.


The soil in the taiga is very poor. It's not very good for growing plants, but some plants do grow even in this poor soil.


Due to the harsh cold weather in the taiga not many plants can grow there. The trees consist of pine, white spruce, and hemlock. The pine is actually useful for keeping water inside the dark casing from being so smooth. There are some small plants there like orchids, they use the snow as a shelter. Forestry and forest fires are a major threat to the plants that live in the taiga.


The lynx is one animal that can be found in the taiga. They hunt at night and tend to avoid human contact and are rarely seen by humans. They eat things like mice, squirrels and birds. Moose's are also found in the taiga. The moose is the largest deer species alive. They tend to eat things like shrubs and pinecones. Their hooves act like snowshoes to support the animal in the snow or muddy ground. They tend to be seen near lakes or rivers.
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The taiga is truly an amazing place that has unique features and its own unique plant and animal life. Everyone should come see the taiga for themselves.