Holiday Cookie Exchange

Thursday, December 20

Dear Students and Parents,

For our holiday party we will be putting together a recipe book and having a cookie exchange. I have included the basic outline and key dates.

First, choose a favorite holiday cookie to share with your classmates. On or before, Friday, December 7, you need to bring the recipe to school. Be sure to bring all the steps, such as what to mix when, and at what temperature to bake the cookies. We will be typing and formatting the recipes at school, so do not bring a typed copy on the 6th.

On Thursday, December 20, you will need to bring 27 cookies to share with your classmates. At the party, we will put together the recipes for the cookies and create a book to take home with your plate of cookies.

If you have any questions please call or email me. Otherwise choose a recipe and bring it to school by the 7th!!


Becky Gauthier